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(In Generation I)
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| 20 error.
| 20 error.
| Text error
| Text error
|- style="background: #fff"
|- style="background: #fff"
| 30
| 30 error.
| Occurs while trying to display the Start menu text.
|- style="background: #fff"
|- style="background: #fff"
| 40
| 40

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Error redirects here. For errors in the game's programming, see glitch.

In the Pokémon games, there are several error codes which can appear when the game is not functioning properly. These codes were probably intended to help developers by indicating the nature of the error and roughly where to look for it.

In Generation I

In Pokémon Red and Blue, there are several error codes that appear when the game is not functioning correctly. The error message is mapped to internal character code 0. Only glitched messages contain this code, no actual messages do. These error codes are read from the memory location $FF8C. In the overworld, this value is used to store the current NPC or other object the game is trying to display text for, with the special value 0 assigned to the start menu. When displaying Game Corner prizes, it is used to store the current window. Heavy memory corruption can destroy this value, producing garbage error codes. These are some of the generally-accepted codes:

Number Text that appears on screen Possible reason for error
0 0 error. Occurs while trying to display the Start menu text.
1 1 error. The game is unable to complete an event. For example, this error message can appear when the player is talking to someone and the game does not have anything valid to say. This can be seen in Pokémon Yellow when the player finishes the game with 152 entries in the Pokédex.
01 I error. Can occur when the game confuses battle events with regular events; sometimes when the player switches Pokémon beyond the sixth slot or incorrectly performs the Dokokashira door glitch, this can lead the player into a fight with a glitch Pokémon, or freeze the game.
2 2 error. There is an error displaying in-game text when reading objects such as signs and TVs.
02 The file data is destroyed! This error can appear when the game data has been damaged to a point of no repair, sometimes through the use of glitches which can alter the game save, or when a cross-language trade is attempted. More commonly, this error appears when the internal battery inside the game cartridge inevitably stops working.
4 4 error. Text error
5 5 error. The current position of the player character is unrecognized. This can cause strange or glitchy characters to appear, too. [1]
6 6 error. Text error
7 7 error. Game is unable to display the correct/required text.
9 9 error. Can appear when a game attempts to perform an event but the Pokémon in the player's party is unrecognized. For example, when the player attempts to trade a non-hybrid glitch Pokémon with a non-playable character.
20 20 error. Text error
30 30 error. Occurs while trying to display the Start menu text.
40 40 error. The sound clip that is playing is unrecognized, this can sometimes play random Pokémon cries.
48 48 error. When this error occurs, the screen will turn white and the words "48 ERROR" pop up before quickly reverting back to whatever the player was previously doing. For no known reasons, this error can be caused by the glitch Pokémon a, too.
56 56 error. The game is unable to display the correct/required text. The glitch Pokémon 'Ng'Mp's Pokédex entry triggers this error.
59 59 error. Similar to a 5 Error, however it has also been seen after text such as "This is my graThe trainer blocked the ball! I2"
98 98 error. This error can occur when data transferred between two cartridges via link cable is damaged, corrupted, or otherwise glitched.
99 99 error. This error can occur when data transferred between the Game Boy Tower and the Game Boy game is damaged, corrupted, or otherwise glitched by the Transfer Pak.

Mixed errors

Sometimes the game will seem to mix error codes in between text; for example "9" with 2 Error. This would display "92 Error." but this is not an official error code.


In Generation II

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal feature a more detailed method of handling errors compared to Red, Blue and Yellow, although error messages are uncommon in-game without using cheating devices.

Name Possible Cause/Description
'Object Event' This text will appear when trying to talk to an object which has no event set for it. [2]
'No windows avail-able for popping.' This text appears when an event attempts to bring up a message window yet the specified text/function is undefined - notably appears when HM06 is used outside of the TM/HM pocket [3]
'The window save area was exceeded.' Theoretically would appear when too many overlapping popup windows are displayed. [4]
'Corrupted Event!' Causes of this message are unknown, probably displays if the object the player is talking at has an invalid event set for it . [5]
'BG Event' Would appear when the player triggers a hidden event (such as leaving New Bark Town without a Pokémon) which has no script defined. [6]
'The save file is corrupted!' This error message commonly appears when the player attempts to select Continue but the game has no valid data to load. For example, the game may give this message when data has been corrupted by a cross-region trade. This may also occur if the internal battery inside the game cartridge is unstable or is completely depleted. [7]

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