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==Other/Promo Card Errors (Nintendo)==
==Other/Promo Card Errors (Nintendo)==
* '''Ancient Mew'''- When printed in Japan, the first print misspelled the word Nintendo in the copyright line.
* '''Promo Kyogre and Groudon #1 & 2 -''' These card's text says "Does damage..." when it's supposed to say "This attack does...".
* '''Promo Kyogre and Groudon #1 & 2 -''' These card's text says "Does damage..." when it's supposed to say "This attack does...".

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Over the years, a small collection of error cards have surfaced in the Pokémon TCG. They've ranged from the minor to the blatantly obvious. Many errors have actually become highly sought after by collectors. Here's the list of card errors from the TCG.

Base Set Errors

  • 1st Edition Kakuna & Bulbasaur - These two cards had "Length Length" instead of "Length Weight".
  • 1st Edition Pikachu - A number of Pikachu cards have a number of small errors in their flavor text and images.
  • 1st Edition Voltorb - This card refers to Poké Balls as "Monster Balls". Obviously a result of a direct translation.
  • Unlimited Diglett - Some Diglett have their attack energy cost symbol rotated 90 degrees.
  • 1st Edition Metapod & Caterpie, and all Vulpix - Some Metapod, Caterpie, and Vulpix cards are listed as "HP XX" instead of "XX HP".
  • VERY FEW Base Set Ninetales - A rare number of Base Set Ninetales lack the damage done for their attacks.
  • 1st Edition Sandshrew - Sandshrew's attack says "this attack does nothing" when its supposed to say "that attack does nothing".
  • Wartortle - Apparently some Wartortles have a picture of Wartortle in its evolution box.

Jungle Errors

  • Any Seaking & Rapidash - Seaking and Rapidash are Stage 1 Pokémon but the text tell you to "Put XXX on the Stage 1 Pokémon".
  • 1st Edition Butterfree - Due to a bubble in the printing ink, a number of Butterfree are "Edition d" instead of "Edition 1".
  • 1st Edition Nonholo Electrode - Some Jungle Electrode have the image of their Base Set counterpart.
  • Some Unlimited Jungle Rares Holos - Some Jungle cards during the last few Jungle print runs were printed without a Jungle Symbol.

Fossil Errors

  • 1st Edition Holo Zapdos - Some Fossil Holo Zapdos cards have an Evolution symbol punched out of the holo, even though Zapdos is a Basic Pokémon.

Team Rocket Errors

  • Any Dark Arbok - Dark Arbok was first printed with the copyright "©1999-23000 Wizards".
  • Any Dark Golbat - The English Pokémon Power mentions "Apply Weakness and Resistance". Per the Master Rulings Document, the Japanese Dark Golbat's Pokémon power says "Don't apply Weakness and Resistance." ... Plus there's no space between the words "Pokémon" and "Apply". (Reads "Pokémon.Apply")
  • Any Holo Dark Dragonite - The attack cost symbols for Holo Dark Dragonite are off center.
  • Any Grimer - English TR Grimers' Poison Gas attack puts Pokémon to sleep, even though the Japanese version Poisons them.
  • Any Dark Rapidash - Dark Rapidash's stats lacks the word "Length".
  • Any Holo Dark Vileplume - Holo Dark Vileplumes have a weakness of Fighting, even though it's supposed to be Fire.
  • VERY FEW Dark Dragonites - About 5000 Holo Dark Dragonites were actually printed as nonholo.
  • Dark Raichu - Dark Raichu's Evolution Box is colored light grey (as opposed to the dark grey found on other Dark Pokémon). Plus it tells you to "Put Raichu on the Basic Pokémon" instead of "Put Dark Raichu..."

Gym Heroes Errors

No errors were found in this set.

Gym Challenge Errors

  • Blaine's Charizard - Some Blaine's Charizards have a Fighting symbol instead of the Fire symbol that's supposed to be there.
  • Rocket's Minefield Gym - This card does not mention how many damage counters to put on a Pokémon for an unsucessful flip (for the record, it's 2 damage counters).
  • Giovanni's Pinsir - Pinsir's "Snapping Pincers" attack is supposed to do 20+ damage and not 10+ damage.

Neo Genesis Errors

  • Slowking & Typhlosion - These card's damages are off center.
  • Horsea - The attack cost energy symbol for Horsea is oddly off.
  • Meganium - The Pokémon Power title text is black instead of red.
  • Focus Band - The picture on Focus Band has a white bar beneath it, as if the picture wasn't properly positioned when they were doing the layout on the computers.

Neo Discovery Errors

  • Kakuna - The copyright text of all Neo Discovery cards is "©1999-2001". But for some reason, this card's copyright is "©1999-2000".
  • Unown O - There is an obvious grammar error on Unown O.
  • Scizor - The attack's damage done is "20+" when it's supposed to be "20x". For the record, you play it as "20x".
  • Umbreon - The Psychic symbol in Umbreon's resistance is bigger than normal.

Neo Revelation Errors

  • Delibird - The energy cost for Delibird's attack is off center.
  • Raichu - The "Put Raichu on the Basic Pokémon" text is unnecessarily bold and italic.
  • Zubat - Zubat's resistance lacks the "-30".

Neo Destiny Errors

  • Dark Croconaw - Doesn't Croconaw have only 48 teeth in its mouth? The card says it has 49.
  • Dark Exeggutor - There's an unneeded C in the name.
  • Dark Haunter - Dark Haunter's Call Back attack's clause leave out the word "opponent's".
  • Light Flareon - The "b" in "benched" is supposed to be CAPITALIZED.
  • Togepi - The "(before applying Weakness and Resistance)" text should be in italics.
  • Gligar - The energy symbols on Gligar is not in the correct position.
  • Shining Tyranitar - The word "hust" in its flavor text is supposed to be "just".
  • Unown C - Unown C's Chase power adds a useless "Apply Weakness and Resistance" considering the power doesn't do damage.
  • Unown P - There's an extra space in Basic Pokémon title on Unown P.

Legendary Collection Errors

  • Reverse Holo Exeggcute - Normally on Reverse Holos, the Energy costs for attacks aren't reflective. On Exeggcute, they are.

Expedition Errors

  • Darkness Energy - The card text implies that you can do extra damage to Benched Pokémon (considering that normally you can't).
  • Alakazam - The "This power stops working if..." text is italicized when it's not supposed to be.
  • Charizard (#39) - This card tells you to "Put Charizard on the Basic Pokémon".
  • Gengar - Gengar's Chaos Move Pokémon Power game text has a few spots where the text could obviously go up a line.
  • Dugtrio - Like the Umbreon error with the oversized Psychic symbol, Dugtrio's attack's Energy cost's symbols are larger than they should be.
  • Totodile (#134) - When you scan in Cyndaquil's card into the E-Reader for GBA, you can use a "Cynda!" sound for your Melody Box. However when you scan in the Totodile card, you get "Wani!" instead of "Toto!". "Wani" is in reference to Totodile's Japanese name "Waninoko". Since both Chikorita and Pikachu's name is the same in English and Japanese, either Totodile's sound effect is the error, or Cyndaquil's is.
  • Multi Technical Machine 01 & Energy Removal 2 - When you scan in these two cards in your E-Reader for GBA, the TM01 card tells you that you can use the "Paralyzing Stare" attack (when the card attack name is really Paralyzing Gaze), and the reader refers to "Energy Removal 2" as just "Energy Removal".

Aquapolis Errors

  • Pretty Much All The Holo Rares - For some reason, the bottommost holo "cut out" on the left side of the card is not holofied. As in the mask for the holo wasn't done correctly.
  • Crystal Nidoking - The Crystal Type power mentions Grass/Lightning/Fire energy, but the attacks only use Grass/Lightning/Fighting energy.
  • Reverse Holo Lanturn (#20) - There's a PokéBody icon on it for no reason at all.
  • Magenemite (#52) - The text on this card is quite, quite faded. As opposed to other Metal Pokémon in the set.
  • Weakness Guard - This isn't an error, per se. But it is strange that the "Attach this card..." text in it's own separate paragraph, unlike other cards in the past.
  • Ariados - In its Spider Force attack, the holo version says "defending Pokémon" while the nonholo version says "Defending Pokémon".

Skyridge Errors

No errors were found in this set.

Other/Promo Card Errors (Wizards)

  • Prerelease Raichu - This card may or may not exist.
  • Promo Pikachu #1 - Promo Pikachu #1 was accidentally released with 1st Edition Jungle, with a 1st Edition symbol on it when it wasn't supposed to.
  • Promo Meowth #10 - The HP is too far over to the left, and the attack cost symbols are much smaller than they should be.
  • Promo Eevee #11 - Promo Eevee's Pokémon Power text lacks the accent mark (it's e instead of é).
  • Promo Persian #17 - Some Promo Persian cards lack an HP.
  • Team Rocket's Meowth #18 - TR's Meowth type is listed as "Scratchcat" instead of "Scratch Cat".
  • Promo Marill #29 - Its stat is listed as "Height" instead of "Length", its Water Gun attack lacks a Water energy symbol (for the record, you play it as it's written , and its 20+ damage done is off center.
  • Promo Scyther #45 - Scyther's game text in (parenthesis) isn't in italics when it should be.
  • Promo Mew #47 - "Lily Pad" Mew's attack Confused when it was supposed to Paralyze.
  • Promo Celebi #50 - The art is credited to "Hajime Kusajim", although his name is supposed to be spelt "Hajime Kusajima". And if you'll also notice, the copyright text on Celebi is listed as "Pokémon/Nintendo" instead of "Pokémon / Nintendo".... as in that there is no space separating the two names on Celebi as opposed to other Card-E Cards.
  • Slowking (Southern Islands) - Slowking's length is listed as 6' 8" instead of 6' 7" (which is what it's supposed to be).
  • Best Promo Hitmonchan - Hitmonchan's HP is 60 when it's supposed to be 70.

Other/Promo Card Errors (Nintendo)

  • Ancient Mew- When printed in Japan, the first print misspelled the word Nintendo in the copyright line.
  • Promo Kyogre and Groudon #1 & 2 - These card's text says "Does damage..." when it's supposed to say "This attack does...".

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