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For the Coordinator who battled May, see Erica.

エリカ Erika
"The Nature-Loving Princess!"
HeartGold SoulSilver Erika.png
Art from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Gender Female
Eye color Gray*, Green*, Brown *
Hair color Black*, Blue*, Pine Green/Viridian/Teal*
Hometown Celadon City
Region Kanto
Relatives None
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation I, II, III, IV
Games Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Pokémon Stadium, Stadium 2
Leader of Celadon Gym
Badge Rainbow Badge
Specializes in Template:Type2s
Anime debut Pokémon Scent-sation
English voice actor Leah Applebaum
Japanese voice actor Kyoko Hikami

Erika (Japanese: エリカ Erika) is the Gym Leader of Celadon City's Gym, known officially as the Celadon Gym. She hands out the Rainbow Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She is a serene young woman who specializes in Template:Type2 Pokémon. She sometimes dresses in elegant kimonos and seems to represent traditional Japanese beauty.

In the games

Art of Erika from Pokémon Red and Blue
File:GenI Erika.png
Full art of Erika from Generation I
Artwork of Erika from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Erika's title is The Nature-Loving Princess.

Erika is ladylike, and a teacher of flower-arranging. She is a quiet girl, but she's well-known in Celadon City. Erika only collects Pokémon if she considers them attractive, though her definition of attractive seems to include varieties only a botanist could love. She also tends to doze off quite a bit, implying she may be narcoleptic, (or simply being affected by the powders given of by the grass Pokémon), but will become inspired after a good match.

In addition to the Rainbow Badge, Erika gives out TM21 (Mega Drain), in Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, its remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver, as well as FireRed and LeafGreen, she gives out TM19 (Giga Drain).

She is able to be rebattled in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, after talking to her on Saturday or Sunday between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. She is found by Celadon City's fountain. If she is called on Sunday morning, she will happily give a rematch at the Fighting Dojo.

Fame Checker

This is a list of the Fame Checker's information on Erika in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Celadon City - sign
  • What does this person do?
"Celadon City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Erika
The Nature-Loving Princess!"
Celadon Gym - Erika
  • Favorite kind of Pokémon?
"I am a student of the art of flower arranging.
My Pokémon are solely of the Grass type."
Celadon Gym - Lass Lola
  • What is this person like?
"Our Leader Erika might be quiet, but she’s famous around here."
Celadon Gym - Beauty Tamia
  • What is this person like?
"We only use Grass-type Pokémon at our Gym.
Why? We also use them for making flower arrangements!"
Celadon Gym - Erika
  • Favorite kind of Pokémon?
"I would never collect Pokémon if they were unattractive."
Celadon Mansion - Pokémon Journal
  • There’s a rumor...
"Rumor has it that if you peek into Celadon Gym, you can often see Erika snoozing."
Message from Erika
  • From: Erika
  • To: [Player]
"I am so glad that there are strong Trainers like you.
That awareness alone inspires and motivates me to try harder.
Please visit me again.


This listing is of Erika's Pokémon in the games in which she has appeared.

Pokémon Red, Green and Blue

Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Gym match

Second battle (Rematch)

Pokémon Stadium

Round 1

Round 2

Pokémon Stadium 2

Round 1

Round 2


File:ErikaRBYsprite.png File:Erika Y.png File:Erika 02.png
Erika's sprite from
Generation I
Erika's sprite from
Pokémon Yellow
Erika's sprite from
Generation II
File:SpriteErika.png File:ErikaHGSS.gif VSErika.png
Erika's sprite from
Generation III
Erika's Sprite from
Generation IV
Erika's VS sprite from
Generation IV

Pokémon Red and Blue

"Hello. Lovely weather isn't it? It's so pleasant. ...Oh dear... I must have dozed off. Welcome. My name is Erika. I am the Leader of Celadon Gym. I teach the art of flower arranging. My Pokémon are of the Grass-type. Oh, I'm sorry, I had no idea that you wished to challenge me. Very well, but I shall not lose."

"Oh! I concede defeat. You are remarkably strong. I must confer you the Rainbow Badge."

Pokémon Gold and Silver

"Hello... Lovely weather, isn't it? It's so pleasant... ...I'm afraid I may doze off... My name is Erika. I am the Leader of Celadon Gym. ...Oh? All the way from Johto, you say? How nice... Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you wished to challenge me. Very well, but I shall not lose."

"Oh! I concede defeat... You are remarkably strong... I shall give you Rainbow Badge..."

"Losing leaves a bitter aftertaste... But knowing that there are strong Trainers spurs me to do better..."

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

"Hello... Lovely weather, isn't it? It's so pleasant... I'm afraid I might doze off... My name is Erika. I am the Leader of Celadon Gym. ...Oh? You are from Johto, you say? How nice... Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you wished to challenge me. I know. I have been training myself on not only flower arrangement but also Pokémon battle. I shall not lose."

"Don't go easy on me. Give me everything you've got!"

"Wow, that’s a bit harsh!"

"Looks like I underestimated you..."

"Oh! I concede defeat... You are remarkably strong... I shall give you the Rainbow Badge..."

"That was a delightful match. I felt inspired. Please, I wish you to have this TM19 as a special token. It is Giga Drain. It is a wonderful move that drains half the damage it inflicts to heal your Pokémon. It is indeed a horrifying move."

"Losing leaves a bitter aftertaste... But knowing that there are strong Trainers spurs me to do better..."

In the anime

Erika in the anime

Erika appeared in Pokémon Scent-sation!, running a perfumery in Celadon City where she sold a special brand of perfume made from the essence of her favorite Pokémon, Gloom. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu were enamored with the scents, but Ash insulted the perfume. In protest, the manager, who was later revealed to be the Gym Leader Erika, had him banned from her store and by extension the greenhouse/Celadon Gym.

Jessie and James were sneaking into the gym trying to steal the perfume scents to sell them, but they were stamped with a red X and banned from the gym, too. Ash found them and untied them in exchange for help entering the gym.

Erika as the manager in her Perfume Shop

Disguised as a girl named Ashley, Ash signed up as a student at the Gym. Erika was reading a fairy tale to some Grass-type Pokémon when he found and recognized her. Pikachu instantly recognized Ash and exposed him. Erika finally agreed to a battle for the Gym Badge. She turned out to be very confident in her abilities, but became too confident when Ash used his Charmander - as Fire was Grass Pokémon's greatest weakness - when she tried to use her Weepinbell. However, their match was interrupted when Team Rocket started a fire in the Gym as revenge for being thrown out.

Ash risked his life to run in and rescue Erika's beloved Gloom, who had once saved her from a wild Grimer when she was a little girl. Out of gratitude, Erika awarded Ash with the Rainbow Badge.


This listing is of Erika's known Pokémon in the anime:

Erika's Tangela
One of Erika's battling Pokémon, Tangela is a strong Pokémon that manages to use its vines and Stun Spore in order to incapacitate the enemy. In its battle against Ash, it managed to take out Bulbasaur before eventually succumbing.
Debut Pokémon Scent-sation!
Erika's Weepinbell
Weepinbell was only seen briefly in battle with Ash. Against Ash's Charmander, Weepinbell did not stand much of a chance and had it's attacks destroyed by fire. It was eventually Skull Bashed out of the match.

Weepinbell's only known move is Razor Leaf.

Debut Pokémon Scent-sation!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart
Erika's Gloom
Gloom once saved Erika from a Grimer when she was a girl. From that moment onwards, they have become very close friends.

Erika used Gloom in a gym battle against Ash Ketchum. With its horrid scent, it defeated Charmander easily. But before it could fight with Ash's Pikachu, a bomb placed in the Gym by Team Rocket exploded, setting the Gym ablaze.

Even though everyone managed to escape, Gloom was still trapped in the Gym surrounded by flames. Ash rushed into the Gym and rescued Gloom. In gratitude for saving Gloom, Erika gave Ash the Rainbow Badge.

Debut Pokémon Scent-sation!
Voice actors
Japanese Kaori Tsuji
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 氷上恭子 Kyoko Hikami
English Leah Applebaum
Czech Jolana Smyčková
German Martina Dunker
Brazilian Portuguese Letícia Quinto
Spanish Latin America Mariana Ortiz
Spain Gloria Núñez

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Erika is an elegant young princess who gives lectures at universities and practices archery. She is allied with the "good" Gym Leaders of Kanto, and often assists Misty and Brock during crises.

She sent Red out on a quest to capture an unusual Eevee that could change at will between its three elemental forms, due to being "modified" in a Team Rocket experiment. Erika threatened to kill Eevee; however, it turned out that she was just testing Red's character, then healed the Eevee. She debuted in Blame it on Eevee.

Erika then starts teaching at the Celadon Pokémon School, replacing a dangerous professor. She then goes to meet Yellow after hearing about her from Misty, only to hear from one of her teammates that a Red look-a-like has been spotted right outside of Celadon City. Pika races to him only to find out it was a disguise and the real trainer was hired by the Elite Four. He then uses his Marowak's Bonemerang laced with some of his Paras' Spores to disable Erika while Yellow chases him. She then figures out that to disguise himself as Red, he would've needed to encounter Red's scent in real life and has his teammates call Blaine for assistance.

She is next seen defending Celadon from Lorelei and her Shellder and Cloyster. She then realized that the Good Gym Leaders of Kanto were simply being stalled so Lance could carry out his real plan, and hoped that Yellow and Blaine had found out the same. She then realized as well that they were being targeted so the Elite Four could get their hands on the Gym Leader's badges, which one of the Shellder finally retrieved from her.

Erika is the supervisor of the Kanto Gym Leaders, much as Winona is the leader of the Hoenn Gym Leaders.


This is a listing of Erika's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Angela, Erika's Tangela, first appeared on Cycling Road, where it hoped in front of Red on his bicycle and was nearly run over. Later on, Erika used it to fight Red's Saur when Red and Bill confronted her, thinking that she had been working with Team Rocket. During the Elite Four's invasion of Kanto, it was used to fight off their Ice-type Pokémon that had been attacking Celadon City. Its moves are Bind and Vine Whip.
Debut Blame it on Eevee!
Erika's Vileplume
Vileplume was first sent out to defend Erika from an attacking Drowzee. When Erika fought Red, she used Vileplump against Pika, lasting a long time before Erika ended the match. It was later seen when Erika meet up with Yellow. Its known moves are Petal Dance and Swords Dance.
Debut Blame it on Eevee!
Erika's Victreebel
Victreebel first appeared as a Bellsprout during Erika's battle with Red, where it used Mimic to defeat Red's Poli. Later, during the Yellow chapter, it was revealed to have fully evolved.
Debut Meanvile Vileplume!
Erika's Gloom
Gloom was only seen during the good Gym Leader's battle with Supernerd William. Very little is known about it due to its brief appearance.
Debut Paras Sight
Erika's Bellossom
Bellossom was first seen accompanying Erika, Brock and Misty to Goldenrod City for the gym leader conference. It was used in Erika's match with Pryce, where it used its Petal Dance against the old man's Swinub. It also fought against Team Rocket.
Debut Light Up My Days, Chinchou!
Erika's Skiploom
Skiploom was used by Erika in her battle with Pryce during the Gym Leader tournament. Its known moves are Stun Spore and Synthesis.
Debut Cherry Bellossom

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

Erika makes her first appears in volume two of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga. She appears with her Venusaur, preparing to help Isamu Akai defeat Team Rocket. Isamu and Erika attempt to steal the Silph Scope from Team Rocket as they guard the gym searching for Erika and Isamu. They hide in the bulb of Erika's Bulbasaur, however, they are eventually exposed due to Isamu's Clefairy "passing gas" inside the bulb. Team Rocket captures them, however, they eventually escape.



In the TCG

In the Trading Card Game, the card Erika allows each player to draw up to three cards. Another card, Erika's Kindness, demonstrates her kindness, depicting her as helping a Growlithe out of the rain. Erika's Maids enables the player to trade two cards in a hand for two Pokémon in the deck, both with Erika in their names. Charity is attached to the player's Active Pokémon, and if that Pokémon is not knocked out, the card returns to the owner's hand; it allows the player to reduce the damage their attacks inflict on the Defending Pokémon. Erika's Perfume allows the player to peek at the hand of the opponent and force them to summon any number of basic Pokémon from the hand to the bench.

As in the anime, she also appears to make fragrances, such as LeAF, depicted on Erika's perfume.

There is a Theme Deck named for Erika in the Gym Heroes expansion. It has two versions, English and Japanese.


Artwork from the cards:


This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Erika or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Erika's Clefable Colorless 35 Rare HolographicH Gym Heroes 3/132
Erika's Dragonair Colorless 32 Rare HolographicH Gym Heroes 4/132
Erika's Vileplume Grass 34 Rare HolographicH Gym Heroes 5/132
Erika - - Rare HolographicH Gym Heroes 16/132
Rare 100/132
Erika's Clefairy Colorless 17 Rare Gym Heroes 25/132
Erika's Victreebel Grass 37 Rare Gym Heroes 26/132
Erika's Dratini Colorless 14 Uncommon Gym Heroes 42/132
Erika's Exeggcute Grass 15 Uncommon Gym Heroes 43/132
Erika's Exeggutor Grass 31 Uncommon Gym Heroes 44/132
Erika's Gloom Grass 24 Uncommon Gym Heroes 45/132
Erika's Gloom Grass 28 Uncommon Gym Heroes 46/132
Erika's Oddish Grass 12 Uncommon Gym Heroes 47/132
Erika's Weepinbell Grass 26 Uncommon Gym Heroes 48/132
Erika's Weepinbell Grass 30 Uncommon Gym Heroes 49/132
Erika's Bellsprout Grass 12 Common Gym Heroes 75/132
Erika's Bellsprout Grass 15 Common Gym Heroes 76/132
Erika's Exeggcute Grass 12 Common Gym Heroes 77/132
Erika's Oddish Grass 15 Common Gym Heroes 78/132
Erika's Tangela Grass 12 Common Gym Heroes 79/132
Charity - - Rare Gym Heroes 99/132
Celadon City Gym - - Uncommon Gym Heroes 107/132
Erika's Maids - - Uncommon Gym Heroes 109/132
Erika's Perfume - - Uncommon Gym Heroes 110/132
Good Manners - - Uncommon Gym Heroes 111/132
Erika's Venusaur Grass 45 Rare HolographicH Gym Challenge 4/132
Erika's Bellsprout Grass 13 Uncommon Gym Challenge 38/132
Erika's Bulbasaur Grass 15 Uncommon Gym Challenge 39/132
Erika's Clefairy Colorless 16 Uncommon Gym Challenge 40/132
Erika's Ivysaur Grass 22 Uncommon Gym Challenge 41/132
Erika's Jigglypuff Colorless 13 Common Gym Challenge 69/132
Erika's Oddish Grass 10 Common Gym Challenge 70/132
Erika's Paras Grass 17 Common Gym Challenge 71/132
Erika's Kindness - - Rare Gym Challenge 103/132
Erika's Bellossom Grass - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 59/141
Erika's Jumpluff Grass - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 60/141


  • Erika's Japanese Leader title is 自然を愛するお嬢様.
  • Despite her artwork, she appeared in the anime with blue hair instead of black.
  • In the How I Became a Pokémon Card manga, Erika was childhood friends with Kaede, who had an unfortunate reaction to a flower wreath Erika gave her at a party and ran off in shame. They met again later when Kaede, now a Team Rocket agent, invaded Erika's Gym. Erika was overjoyed to see her old friend and seemed to disregard any and all ill plots.
  • Erika is the only in-game Gym Leader that has the same name in Japanese and English.
  • She, alongside Sabrina, is also the only Gym Leader to have been defeated in the anime by Ash out of sequence with the games, if one discounts the change in order between Diamond and Pearl and Platinum.
  • Erika's Generation III sprite is the only one of her sprites that does not have a Poké Ball in it.
  • In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, in her rematch team, Erika's Victreebel and Bellossom don't level up at all, both staying at Level 56.
  • If one looks closely at her hairband at the HeartGold and SoulSilver artwork, the heart-shaped crest from the HeartGold logo can be seen.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese エリカ Erika From the Erica genus.
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Erika Refers to the Erica genus - heathers.
Korean 민화 Minhwa hwa means flower. Alternatively, 민화 means "folk tale".
Chinese (Taiwan and Mainland) 艾莉嘉 Àilìjiā (anime)
莉佳 Lìjiā (manga)
Transliteration of Erika.
Transliteration of Rika in Erika.
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾莉佳 Àilìjiā Transliteration of Erika.


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