Enhancement (Duel)

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Enhancements (Japanese: ) are a type of item in Pokémon Duel. They are types of figures that cannot be used in Duels and are instead only used to gain in-game ressources and as fusion materials.

Rare Metal

Rare Metals (Japanese: ) are used to grant large sums of experience points to figures. This can be used to bring them up to level 5. The higher the rarity of the Rare Metal, the more experience points it will grant. All rarities can be sold in the Shop for one Coin.

Rarity Exp
Common 500
Uncommon 1,000
Rare 4,500
EX 10,500
UX 51,000


Pokemon Duel Rare Metal C.png Pokemon Duel Rare Metal UC.png Pokemon Duel Rare Metal R.png Pokemon Duel Rare Metal EX.png Pokemon Duel Rare Metal UX.png
Rare Metal [C] Rare Metal [UC] Rare Metal [R] Rare Metal [EX] Rare Metal [UX]


Cubes (Japanese: ) are used to grant Chain Points to enhance a figure's Chain Level, otherwise available only by fusing variants of a figure together. Cubes can only be used on figures of the same rarity. All rarities can be sold in the Shop for one Coin.

Common Common
Uncommon Uncommon
Rare Rare


Pokemon Duel Cube C.png Pokemon Duel Cube UC.png Pokemon Duel Cube R.png Pokemon Duel Cube EX.png Pokemon Duel Cube UX.png
Cube [C] Cube [UC] Cube [R] Cube [EX] Cube [UX]


Ingots (Japanese: ) are intended to be sold directly to the Exchange Coins section of the Shop. The higher the rarity of the Ingot, the higher value for which it can be sold. If used for fusion, all rarities give only one EXP.

Rarity Coins
Common 1,800
Uncommon 3,500
Rare 15,000
EX 35,000
UX 180,000


Pokemon Duel Ingot C.png Pokemon Duel Ingot UC.png Pokemon Duel Ingot R.png Pokemon Duel Ingot EX.png Pokemon Duel Ingot UX.png
Ingot [C] Ingot [UC] Ingot [R] Ingot [EX] Ingot [UX]



Carmonite (Japanese: ) can only be used on Figures that are at least Level 5. Using Carmonite allows these figures to increase their level up to Level 10. Each additional Level gained in this way allows for a wheel piece to be increased by 1 while another wheel piece (that is greater than 4) is decreased by 1. The greater the rarity of the Figure, the greater the amount of Carmonite needed to level up. Carmonite can also be sold in the Shop for 50 Coins.

Common 10
Uncommon 20
Rare 50
EX 100
UX 150

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