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エメラルド Emerald
Emerald Adventures.png
Age 11 (as of the sixth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday May 31
Eye color Green
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn, raised in Johto
Trainer class Trainer

Emerald (Japanese: エメラルド Emerald) is the tenth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. His origin is unknown, although Latios and Latias are very close to him, calling him "Rald".


Emerald seems to have an issue with his own height, as he wears his hair tall, clothing with extra long sleeves, and platform shoes. Much of his clothing appears to be intended to make him look taller than he really is. Even despite this, Emerald is much shorter than he already appears, as revealed by Greta and Todd while he is sleeping.

Emerald's urinating habit

Emerald doesn't like Pokémon themselves, but he likes Pokémon battles. To the amazement of Todd, he is an expert at battling. As he does not train his own Pokémon, he borrows the Pokémon he uses from Crystal.

Despite his protests, his Pokémon love him greatly and tend to get jealous of each other; recently, his Sudowoodo and Sceptile got into an argument over Emerald's food and began cooking with berries in a frenzy before being broken up by Emerald's Dusclops. His Sceptile's interest in Emerald's Pokédex indicated that it evolved from Wally's Grovyle. This was later confirmed.

Emerald carries several gadgets with him, primarily his extendable mechanical hands. He also has a pistol that shoots soil from various places around the world. By shooting a Pokémon with a "seal" of soil from its birthplace, the Pokémon is calmed by a sense of nostalgia.

Emerald has the ability to determine the birthplace of any Pokémon by sight. He uses this ability along with his gun to calm rampaging Pokémon that have been illegally added to the Battle Frontier, and has taken three of these cured Pokémon as his own.

Character history


As revealed at the end of the Emerald chapter, Emerald was one of the orphans that Crystal was helping. He looked up to her and wanted a Pokédex of his own. Professor Oak did want to offer one to him at one point but he had declined due to his animosity towards Pokémon while in the Pokémon Academy. He spent his time roaming around Hoenn and met the Trick Master, who gave him the gadgets that were inspired by a faraway land. He also had a green gem that was used as a test to call out Rayquaza, but Emerald found the gem and it got attached to his forehead.

A younger Emerald

Emerald chapter

He first appeared in the Battle Frontier, having been brought there by Latios and Latias. There he met Todd. After he bound and gagged Tucker and stole his Salamence, Emerald was about to be banned from the Frontier, until it was revealed that Emerald was attracting media attention. Upon the risk of losing major publicity, the Frontier Brains and Scott eventually agreed to his challenge: he would defeat all of the seven Brains within seven days.

Later on, Emerald's reason for visiting the Frontier is revealed: he was assigned by Professor Oak and Crystal to capture Jirachi. He attempted it the first time after his fight with Brandon at the Battle Pyramid and was almost successful. However, after that, he went back to his original challenge.

Emeralds outfit

After a few days, Emerald, along with 4 other Pokédex owners, were trying to free their seniors, and friends, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, and Yellow. And succeeded. Then, the 10 Pokédex owners, along with Emerald, used their ultimate moves and vanished the Sea Beast. After the controversy, Emerald the Pokédex owners competed in the Battle Dome tournament, and won the Tactic symbol.

Emerald with his hair down


This has been updated from the most recent chapter of the Battle Frontier Saga.

On hand

Emerald's Sceptile
Main article: Emerald's Sceptile

Sceptile, as a Treecko, was supposed to be Emerald's starter; however, the day he was going to receive it was the Groudon and Kyogre catastrophe. Emerald arrived just seconds after Professor Birch lost Treecko's Poké Ball in the waves. Treecko was eventually found by Wally, and helped him to climb the Sky Pillar to awaken Rayquaza. While climbing, it evolved into Grovyle. When they reached the top, Rayquaza's power sent Grovyle flying out of the pillar, and it was lost again. After that, he became a rental Pokémon in the Battle Factory (later revealed to have been smuggled there by Guile Hideout to drive the nosy reporters out). He went berserk after being stung by a Poison Sting and Emerald calmed it down, then he used it in the battle against Noland. After defeating Noland, Emerald took it upon realizing that it was no rental Pokémon (all Pokémon in the 50 course were of level 50 only, and Sceptile was 51). It was later proven that this Sceptile was the same lost Treecko when Ruby and Sapphire went to the Battle Frontier and their starters, Zuzu and Toro, recognized Sceptile.

Debut A Rival, A Friend
Emerald's Sudowoodo
Sudowoodo went crazy due to being watered by Todd Snap while disguised as a tree and attacked but was calmed by Emerald. After this incident, Sudowoodo followed Emerald and joined Emerald's team at Artisan Cave after shielding him along with Dusclops and Sceptile. She cares deeply for Emerald and once got into a berry cooking competition to prove it. After the final battle with Guile Hideout, she became acquainted with Gold's Sudobo.
Debut VS Sudowoodo
Emerald's Dusclops
Dusclops was a wild Pokémon in the Battle Pike that Emerald determined was from Mt. Pyre. Like Sudowoodo, it followed him after the incident and joined him in the Artisan Cave. He has a Lonely nature.
Debut VS Dusclops
Emerald's Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after it was calmed down by the young boy. It is believed that it has become a permanent member on Emerald's team after the battle with Guile Hideout. After the battle, it was seen getting acquainted with Crystal's Mr. Mime.
Debut VS Lapras
Emerald's Snorlax
Snorlax was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after she was calmed down by the young boy. It is believed that she has become a permanent member on Emerald's team after the battle with Guile Hideout. After the battle, she was seen getting acquainted with Red's Snor.
Debut VS Lapras
Emerald's Mantine
Mantine was a rental Pokémon given to Emerald by Noland after she was calmed down by the young boy. It is believed that she has become a permanent member on Emerald's team after the battle with Guile Hideout. After the battle, she was seen getting acquainted with Gold's Mantaro.
Debut VS Lapras


's Latias and Latios
Latias and Latios
Latias and Latios are Pokémon that Emerald had befriend before challenging the Battle Frontier. They took him there so he could accomplish his mission to capture Jirachi. Despite Emerald's declared dislike towards Pokémon, they were quite good friends, to the point of calling him Rald at times. But the Eon Pokémon do not join Emerald's team, neither they participate in any battle, instead, they serve as agents to help him. For example, Latias would shapeshift into a maid from the Battle Pike, a reporter and a nurse, to get information for Emerald and Todd Snap, and Latios would use his mental link with Latias to show them scenes he overlook from the sky. After the crisis was over and Emerald's mission was finished, they returned to Southern Island. Since they do not help Emerald by battling, they hadn't showed any attack other than Fly, which was used as a trasport way.
Debut VS Sudowoodo


These are the Pokémon that he used for the matches that required rental Pokémon:

Used in the Battle Factory


Borrowed from Crystal

Used in the Battle Pike

Emerald Blissey Adventures.png
Emerald Rapidash Adventures.png
Emerald Starmie Adventures.png

Used in the Battle Pyramid

Emerald Alakazam Adventures.png
Emerald Bonee Adventures.png

Used in the Battle Dome

Emerald Metagross Adventures.png


  • Emerald is the only character named after a third version in Pokémon Adventures that is male, as Green*, Yellow*, Crystal, and Platinum are all female.
  • Emerald and Yellow are the only main characters of Pokémon Adventures not directly based on game characters.
  • Four Pokémon owned by Emerald are also owned by other Trainers in Pokémon Adventures; notably, they also all received pre-evolutions in Generation IV.
    • All of the Pokémon listed also meet their counterparts at the end of the Emerald Arc. They all become acquainted and are seen lounging with each other.
    • It should also be noted that Gold's Sudowoodo is a male, while Emerald's is a female. The only other time that two main characters of Pokémon Adventures had two Pokémon of the same species and opposite genders an egg was produced by the two.
  • The Trick Master says his Soil Gun was based on a device he saw in a faraway land, which might refer to a Capture Styler that calms a Pokémon with circles.
  • Emerald's birthday is May 31, and emerald is the birthstone for those born in May.
  • Emerald is the only Pokémon Adventures character whose first Pokémon was actually one of the starter Pokémon from the game series - or rather its evolution, Sceptile.
    • Emerald is also the only main character to lose his first Pokémon before actually obtaining it.
  • Emerald and Green are two of four Pokédex holders that share the same astrological sign, they are both Gemini. The only other two are Gold and Ruby who are both Cancers.
  • Emerald and Red are the only Dexholders with no revealed family members (although Emerald has once mentioned his deceased parents).

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese エメラルド Emerald From the game, Pokémon Emerald.
English (Singapore) Emerald From the game, Pokémon Emerald.
Korean 에메랄드 Emerald From the game, Pokémon Emerald.
Chinese 米拉特 Mǐlātè Transliteration of merald in Emerald.

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