Emerald's Sceptile

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ジュカイン Jukain
Poké Ball
Emerald Sceptile.png
Debuts in VS. Mightyena
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in VS. Dusclops
Gender Male
Ability Overgrow
Nature Hasty
Current location With Emerald
Treecko Grovyle Sceptile
This Pokémon spent 59 rounds as Treecko and an unknown number of rounds as Grovyle.

Emerald's Sceptile (Japanese: ジュカイン Jukain) is the Pokémon that Emerald stole from the Battle Factory.


With Professor Birch

As a Treecko

As a Treecko, Sceptile was one of the three starters Professor Birch was giving out to new Trainers. While transporting him over the ocean to give to Emerald, he was lost in the waves of the sea in VS. Kyogre & Groudon VII.

With Wally

As a Grovyle

Wally kept Treecko after finding it on Route 123 during the storm at Pacifidlog Town. He saw Professor Birch's bag floating adrift in the water, and ordered his Cacturne to carefully use Needle Arm to shoot the Poké Ball contained in it into the air. Then, he deftly commanded his Kecleon to use his long tongue to draw it forward. Following his act, he looks up and sees a man on a Flygon, who is Ruby's father, Norman. He soon lands, and Wally's Ralts' head ridge begins glowing, indicating that he was someone Ruru knew. After Norman offers Wally a training session on the Sky Pillar, on the inside of it Norman gives Wally two wrist guards that contain Poké Balls on them. Norman then boards his Flygon and tells Wally he will be waiting at the top. While traveling in the Sky Pillar, Wally and his team encounter a red dot that reveals itself to be a Dusclops. Wally reaches into his bag and notices the Pokédex and Treecko's Poké Ball ringing. Treecko then starts beating inside of its Poké Ball, and directs toward the Pokédex. Wally believes Treecko is telling him to scan its data. Wally does so, and notices that Dusclops' body is an infinite cavity that may be entered, but cannot be left. Afterwards, Wally scans the Poké Ball containing Treecko and sees that his evolved form can learn a move that is able to damage Dusclops. He sends out Treecko and as soon as he materializes, he evolves into Grovyle. He releases a strong Leaf Blade that causes a forcible impact with the shockwave. He knocks out the Dusclops, and Wally thanks it for the help, then passes out due to his medical condition.

Hours later, Wally awakes to Norman. Norman congratulates him on thinking of using Leaf Blade. Norman gives Wally his Flygon, and they start the actual training. A few days later, Wally and Norman are battling when the Sky Pillar starts quaking. Norman's true plan has succeeded: awakening Rayquaza. He tells Wally he must battle it, so Wally does so with Ruru's Imprison and Grovyle's Bullet Seed.

During the battle, Grovyle is knocked off the Sky Pillar and is lost once again. Afterwards Wally loses consciousness another time, but Norman is no longer on the Sky Pillar. The last thing Wally sees is Norman riding Rayquaza on his way of attempting to stop the fight between the two titans, Groudon and Kyogre. Having failed to return the now-evolved Pokémon, Wally decides to return the Pokédex he knew wasn't his own to keep, as well as the Kirlia that he borrowed as a Ralts.

With the Battle Factory and Emerald

Grovyle eventually ended up in the Battle Factory as a rental Pokémon, but as a Sceptile, smuggled in by Guile Hideout to drive out the media in preparation for his capture of Jirachi. Emerald was the one to receive it during his Battle Factory run. While in the Battle Factory, Sceptile goes crazy against his battle with Noland but Emerald manages to calm him down with the dirt in his E-Shooter, gaining his loyalty. After winning the battle with a powerful Iron Tail, Emerald realizes that he was never meant to be a rental Pokémon based on the fact that he emerged unscathed from Noland's Lvl 50 Glalie's Sheer Cold, the reason of which was revealed by his PokéNav that its level was higher (51). Much later, during the battle at the Battle Dome, Sceptile sees Ruby's Swampert (Zuzu) and Sapphire's Blaziken (Toro). He rushes towards them and remembers his past at Birch's lab, revealing to Emerald that he is the Pokémon Emerald was meant to receive as his starter.

Sceptile helped Emerald through most of his Battle Frontier run, and nearing the end of the Emerald chapter, Sapphire and Ruby acquire rings made by Kimberly. With that, Sceptile was able to learn Frenzy Plant.

Moves used

Using Focus Punch
Move First Used In
Leaf Blade  VS. Dusclops
Bullet Seed VS. Rayquaza I
Detect VS. Glalie
Leech Seed VS. Glalie
Iron Tail VS. Glalie
Body Slam  VS. Sceptile
Focus Punch  VS. Sceptile
Frenzy Plant  The Final Battle VII
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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