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The Elder made a cameo appearance in ''[[M15|Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]''. She was seen in a flashback telling Iris about {{p|Kyurem}}.
The Elder made a cameo appearance in ''[[M15|Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice]]''. She was seen in a flashback telling Iris about {{p|Kyurem}}.
The elder finally appeared in person in [[BW100]] when Ash and friends passed by The Village of Dragons.
The elder finally appeared in person in ''[[BW100|A Village Homecoming!]]'' when Ash and friends passed by The Village of Dragons.
== Pokémon ==
== Pokémon ==

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If you were looking for the Trainer class Elder, see Li.
おばば様 Matriarch
Old woman BW009.png
Gender Female
Eye color Purple
Hair color Gray
Hometown Village of Dragons
Region Unova
Anime debut The Bloom Is on Axew!
English voice actor Kayzie Rogers
Japanese voice actor Wasabi Mizuta

The Elder (Japanese: おばば Matriarch) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. She first appears in The Bloom Is on Axew!. She is the matriarch of the Village of Dragons.


Not much is known about the elder, as she has not made any appearances outside of Iris's flashbacks. It is revealed in a flashback that she was the one who gave Iris her Axew with the intent to develop his skills in Pokémon battles. She believed that Iris had the skills necessary in order to raise Axew to one day become a strong Haxorus.

The elder appears in another one of Iris's flashbacks in The Dragon Master's Path! where she sees Iris off on her journey to become a Dragon master. She tells Iris that the journey will bring a lot of different experiences, both good and bad, but explains these experiences will be important for the growth of her and Axew. In Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!, Iris's flashback reveals the elder watching the development of the annual tournament in the Village of Dragons. She witnesses Iris's battle against the Dragon Master Drayden and seems satisfied with her performance. It is unknown what type of connection she has with Drayden. Iris has mentioned that the elder "does not like the cold" indicating that she may not like Ice-type Pokémon, a trait Iris shares with her.

She appeared again in The Lonely Deino! where Iris mentions that she helped a scared wild Druddigon that wandered into the Village of Dragons.

The Elder made a cameo appearance in Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice. She was seen in a flashback telling Iris about Kyurem.

The elder finally appeared in person in A Village Homecoming! when Ash and friends passed by The Village of Dragons.


Given away

Iris's Axew
Egg → Axew
Main article: Iris's Axew

In The Bloom Is on Axew!, it was revealed that the elder gave Iris her Axew when he was just a day old.

Debut In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Voice actors
Japanese Minami Tsuda
English Kayzie Rogers

In the manga

The Elder makes an appearance in the manga adaptation of Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 水田わさび Wasabi Mizuta
English Kayzie Rogers
German Dagmar Dempe
Spanish Latin America Anabel Méndez
Spain Amparo Valencia

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