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ボルグ Borg
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Trainer class Cipher Admin
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum
Member of Cipher
Rank Admin

Ein (Japanese: ボルグ Borg) is one of the original four Cipher Admins. A cruel and callous young scientist, he is long on ambition and short on emotion. He is obsessed with the idea of creating an insanely powerful Pokémon at any cost which he managed to do with amazing results.

Ein is the brains behind the process that creates Shadow Pokémon. His research, the "Ein Files", have been littered across Orre wherever members of Team Snagem or Cipher trekked. He created Shadow Pokémon in a secluded lab in the middle of a desert, and shipped the Pokémon to Venus and Miror B. via the Under Subway which Wes infiltrated.

Ein did everything in his power to keep the Shadow Pokémon he created from being purified. He tried to have Rui kidnapped, the Relic Stone destroyed, and the Time Flute stolen. Ultimately, he failed at all of his objectives.

Ein in Pokémon Colosseum
Wes and Rui broke into the Shadow PKMN Lab and confronted Ein. Even though Ein had a Shadow Raikou to defend him, he was unable to stand up to Wes. Ein took solace in that he had already created the ultimate Shadow Pokémon, a Shadow Tyranitar, and had it transported to Nascour and Evice. He then made his escape in an elevator.

Ein made another appearance at Realgam Tower. The mad scientist had one of the keys to the tower's main entrance. Wes prevailed over this madman once again, and Ein was forced to hand over the Yellow ID Card and flee like a coward.

After Evice was defeated, Ein continued to make appearances as a challenger in the Deep Colosseum.

In battle, Ein prefers to use Rain Dance, then Thunder. He protects his Water-type Pokémon from Thunder by always having a Pokémon with Lightningrod out on the field. He also likes using Toxic, then using Protect regularly to dodge attacks while the poison damage increases each turn.


Ein's Manectric replaces his Shadow Raikou.

At Shadow PKMN Lab

At Realgam Tower

At Deep Colosseum

In the last two battles, if Raikou was not snagged at the Shadow PKMN Lab, Ein will use it in place of Manectric.



At Shadow Pokémon Lab
  • Before battle
"Good. The disc has been scrubbed of all data. That's done it."
"Waah! How did you get in without my notice? ...Ah, I see. You must be the much-talked-about <player>. Little did I expect to see you here. I am Ein. I am in charge of this Shadow Pokémon Lab. No one must be allowed to interfere with our Shadow Pokémon plan. I won't allow it. Let me acquaint you with the power of my Shadow Pokémon!"
  • When defeated
"This power... It... It defies belief!"
  • After battle
"Humph! Your struggle to get here was all in vain! The Shadow Pokémon we produced have already been moved elsewhere. And that, of course, includes the ultimate Shadow Pokémon I created for the boss! Wahahahah!"
Realgam Tower
  • Before battle
"Well, well. So, you have come. Hand-in-hand like a happy couple on an aimless stroll. Well, let me inform you, this is no picnic. You will never defeat me with such a frivolous mind!"
  • When defeated
"Gwaah! He has improved since our last meeting?!"
  • After battle
"Grr... It is a shame that you oppose us, <player>. Here, use this. Go on, open the door with it. Fufufu... What awaits beyond the door? Why, you should see it with your own eyes!"
Deep Colosseum
  • Before battle
"You don't give up, do you? I'll make you atone for thwarting our Shadow Pokémon Caper!"
  • When defeated
"Urrrgh... What unbelievable power..."


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Teck
Germany Flag.png German Culpa
Italy Flag.png Italian Genus
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Ein

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