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The easy chat system is a method of inputting personal messages for passwords, interviews or Mail in the main series games from Generation III and onward.

In Generation II

An early version of the easy chat system debuted only in the profile editor of the Mobile Device Centre of Pokémon Crystal (Japanese version).

In Generation III

The easy chat system was introduced in this generation. It allowed the game to process inputs that were more personal than the typical yes/no choices of Generations I and II.

Petalburg City's Pokémon Center

Main article: Mystery Gift#Generation III

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and the Japanese versions of Pokémon Emerald, after receiving the Balance Badge, players may visit the Pokémon Center in Petalburg City to unlock Mystery Event. Then, by talking to the NPC near the PC and inputting a certain four-word phrase, Mystery Event will be activated. In English games, this phrase will be: "Mystery Event Is Exciting".

Poké Mart

Main article: Mystery Gift#Generation III

In the non-Japanese versions of Pokémon Emerald, and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, players may activate Mystery Gift at any Poké Mart by inputting a certain four-word phrase on the clipboard. In English games, this phrase is: "Link Together With All".

Trendy phrase

In Dewford Hall, various NPCs will be discussing whatever is "trendy" around Hoenn. By telling them about a new two-word phrase, they might start discussing that new trendy phrase instead. This phrase determines the six tiles of the river on Route 119 in which Feebas can be found. Additionally, when players mix records, one player's trendy phrase can catch on in the other player's game, allowing players to synchronize their efforts to find Feebas.

Berry Master's wife

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The Berry Master's wife will give out a Berry daily if given any two-word phrase. If she is told (for the first time only) one of the five certain phrases, she will give out the corresponding Berry. Repeating a special phrase will not result in another special berry, and neither will stating any other phrase. Instead, she will hand out a random Berry from numbers 1 to 10 (Cheri Berry to Sitrus Berry.

Gabby and Ty

Main article: Gabby and Ty

Throughout Hoenn, the player can encounter and battle Interviewers Gabby and Ty in various locations. Following a battle, Gabby and Ty will engage the player in an interview, asking for one word to sum up the experience. This battle and interview will be broadcast and discussed on televisions throughout the region. By mixing records with other players, players' interviews can be seen on the others' games.

Battle Tower

On the right side of the room, there is an interviewer that asks for the player's feelings before beginning a Battle Tower match, after a victory, or after a loss. The player's response must consist of six words. There is a default message for each topic, all of which include at least one "word" consisting purely punctuation marks.


In the Generation III games, mail messages are composed using the easy chat system, rather than by inputting text manually as was done in the Generation II games. The player can compose a message using up to nine words or phrases.

In Generation IV

The easy chat system was brought over to Generation IV games as well. Additionally, due to games now being able to connect with games of different languages, easy chat had to adapt. Instead of simply stringing words together, players choose a simple sentence or phrase. Almost all phrases have blank spaces for the player to insert specific words, to modify the sentence's meaning. For instance, the player can select the phrase "I love ______________!" and insert the word "BULBASAUR". Due to this, mail and other messages are readable in games of any language.


Throughout the Sinnoh region, various interviewers could be found. When approached, they ask questions either regarding recent actions or general opinions. These questions are answered using the easy chat system.

Mail and Union Room

In Generation IV, the Union Room allows for participants to send short messages using the easy chat system. For mail messages, the player is given the option of using up to three of these phrases.

Jubilife TV

The TV producer on the third floor of the Jubilife TV building will give out Mystery Gift or wallpaper if he is told the correct phrases. The required combinations depend on the player's Trainer ID number, except Mystery Gift, which he gives when he is told "Wi-Fi Connection Everyone Happy".


Primo, who resides in Violet City's Pokémon Center, will ask the player's opinion of him when he is spoken to. By telling him specific combinations of four words (determined by the player's Trainer ID number), the player can receive Pokémon Eggs or wallpaper.

In Generation V

Once again, the easy chat system exists in this generation.


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The Relocator is unlocked by telling a scientist in the Central Plaza of Castelia City four words in the correct order using the easy chat system. In English games, these words are "Everyone Happy Simple Connection".

The Relocator allows the transfer of any of the four Pokémon (Celebi and the Shiny legendary beasts) that commemorate the thirteenth movie. This enables the player to obtain Zorua and Zoroark before beating the Elite Four for the first time.

E-Z Mail

Although E-Z Mail is not an in-game feature, it exists on the Pokémon Global Link website and is thus part of Generation V.

When sending E-Z Mail, the user has the choice of either choosing words or answering questions as the method to write their online letter. If the user selects the "Choose Words" option, the user will then have to select a mostly pre-made letter and fill in the blank(s) with one of the given words. If the user instead chooses the "Answer Questions" option, the user will have to answer questions in order to write the letter.

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