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The EX Trainer Kit is a special Deck Kit for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and features the Legendary Pokémon Latias and Latios. It was released in English and European languages only.

Release date

  • The kit was released in June 2004.


  • All of the cards found within the two Half Decks are reprints from EX Ruby & Sapphire, EX Sandstorm, and EX Dragon. The only exceptions are the holographic cards Latias and Latios, which were until the release of this kit exclusive Japanese promotional cards.
  • None of the cards have rarity symbols and they each feature a collection number and set symbol exclusive to the kit.
  • Unlike other Theme Decks, the EX Trainer Kit includes both an Intermediate Level Rules Book and a Starter Rules Book. It also includes an EX Series booster pack, two-player mat, damage counters, status counters and a custom Pikachu coin
(Some are packaged with a golden Pikachu coin while some others are packaged with a copper Pikachu coin).  

Latios Half Deck

No. Card Name Type Quantity
1/10 Electrike Lightning
2/10 Latios Colorless
3/10 Linoone Colorless
4/10 Magnemite Lightning
5/10 Magneton Lightning
6/10 Pikachu Lightning
7/10 Zigzagoon Colorless
8/10 Potion T
9/10 Energy Search T
10/10 Lightning Energy E 12×

Latias Half Deck

Latios Half Deck symbol
Latias Half Deck symbol
No. Card Name Type Quantity
1/10 Bagon Colorless
2/10 Combusken Fire
3/10 Delcatty Colorless
4/10 Latias Colorless
5/10 Numel Fire
6/10 Skitty Colorless
7/10 Torchic Fire
8/10 Potion T
9/10 Energy Search T
10/10 Fire Energy E 12×

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