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EP199 : Current Events
Original series
EP201 : Doin' What Comes Natu-rally
Turning Over A New Bayleef
ベイリーフはどこへいった!? ハーブばたけでつかまえて!
Where did Bayleef Go!? Capture at the Herb Garden!
First broadcast
Japan May 31, 2001
United States May 4, 2002
English themes
Opening Born to Be a Winner
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター (Whiteberry)
Ending 前向きロケット団!
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 福本潔 Kiyoshi Fukumoto
Assistant director 福本潔 Kiyoshi Fukumoto
Animation director はしもとかつみ Katsumi Hashimoto
No additional credits are available at this time.

Turning Over A New Bayleef (Japanese: ベイリーフはどこへいった!?ハーブばたけでつかまえて! Where did Bayleef Go!? Capture at the Herb Garden!), is the 200th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on May 31, 2001 and was first broadcast in the United States on May 4, 2002.

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While traveling to their next destination, the gang decide to take a rest in the clearing of the forest. Ash decides to release his Pokémon to play. Bayleef's affections towards Ash still exist, and she can't seem to figure that Ash can't take her charging up to him. So upon releasing, she runs towards Ash and unintentionally tackles him. Bayleef is sort of confused but still doesn't understand that her size is the problem. Later they play a fetching game. Noctowl carries the stick some ways and Ash's other Pokémon follow. Obviously Bayleef is determined to win and she does so very easily, her size knocking the other Pokémon away. She then runs to Ash and again tackles him accidentally sending Ash towards a nearby stream. She starts to get the picture now.

Finally it's lunch time and Ash starts carry some food towards the table but he's momentarily distracted by Totodile, who seems to want some. Bayleef comes by as well, but she knows that if she runs to Ash, Ash will scold at her. So she walks up to Ash. Ash sees her and just scolds at Bayleef anyways, telling her that Brock worked hard to make the food, and he'll spill it if she tackles him. He then tells Bayleef to 'get away and stay away'. Bayleef is really hurt by Ash's harsh words and runs off without Ash knowing. While they are eating, Misty notices that Bayleef is gone, and tells Ash.

Bayleef comes to a river and kicks a rock towards it in anger. Then she kicks another rock towards some brush, causing some Beedrill to come out and chase after her. She runs but she steps on a loose rock and falls into the river.

An old woman is walking along the river with a Machoke carrying some flowers. She notices Bayleef on the shore, unconscious and decides to take her in. Bayleef wakes up, near a fireplace under a blanket. She looks around and the old woman comes in with Machoke, this time carrying a plate of hayashi rice sauce. (similar to curry, only not spicy and a different taste) Bayleef enjoys it and has a look around in the room, noticing a Bellossom and Skiploom. The old woman introduces them and they become friends.

Meanwhile, Ash is searching around for Bayleef unable to understand why she ran away when Misty reminds Ash what he told Bayleef earlier. Pikachu gets a scent and they follow it. They come up to the broken off part where Bayleef fell into the river. Ash is now filled with guilt over how he treated Bayleef and is determined to save her. They walk further more down almost giving up, then Togepi notices a house. They go up to it and Ash knocks on the door. He tries a couple times and Misty sees there's a garden just around the house. They go over there, seeing the old lady, Machoke, Bellossom, Skiploom, and Bayleef. Ash goes up to Bayleef but Skiploom tackles Ash, preventing him from stepping on the flowers. The old lady goes up to them and exchange names. The old lady, Haruno, takes care of the garden along with the others. Ash explains he's trying to get Bayleef back and tries apologizing to her, but Bayleef refuses. Brock suggests the food trick, but Misty comments "How's that going to work?". Ash tries it anyways, carrying a plate of fruits. Bayleef still refuses Ash.

Haruno and the gang sits down for some tea, Ash still trying to figure out a way to get Bayleef back. Seeing that Bayleef and Skiploom are watering the flowers, Ash tries again this time he's trying to help out Bayleef. Stuobborn as she is, again she still refuses. Ash starts to plead but She attacks Ash with a swift motion of her leaf. They are interupted when Team Rocket shows up in a huge Bayleef bot and chases them down.

Team Rocket uses the Vine Whip attack to snag Skiploom, Bellossom, Pikachu and Bayleef. Haruno tries to talk them into stopping but she ends up in front of the robot's path. Machoke makes the move and gets her out of the way. Team Rocket then flees but Ash peruses them. He finds a path to higher ground and the jumps onto the big robot. Landing on the leaf on the head. Team Rocket makes the robot simply just stomp to throw Ash around which is successful, but only resulting in throwing Ash to the container where the stolen Pokémon are. Ash sees in and tires to break it, but it's tempered glass. The others help and Ash starts to try to pry the container out. Ash starts to persuade Bayleef to help him out, but she won't accept. But after seeing how hard Ash is try to help her, she gets the idea that Ash does care. She starts to help in prying the container out by bashing on one side. The plan works and all the Pokémon become free. Ash tells Bayleef to use Razor Leaf to cut a side of it and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shock the inside. This knocks the huge bot down.

They climb down the behemoth. However Team Rocket isn't going to give up, they use Vine Whip again, but Bayleef cuts the vines with Razor Leaf. Pikachu then delivers the Thunderbolt to blow them into the sky.

Haruno gives the thanks, and Ash apologizes to Bayleef, who also learns a thing or two about her new self. The gang heads off to their next destination.

Major events





Who's That Pokémon?: Machoke



Dub edits

In other languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Reconquistando Bayleef
  • French: La dispute
  • Italian: Problemi evolutivi
  • Latin American Spanish: ¡La nueva vida de Bayleef!
  • Iberian Spanish: Los progresos de Bayleef

EP199 : Current Events
Original series
EP201 : Doin' What Comes Natu-rally!
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