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* Ash sends out Totodile out of a Poké Ball instead of the Lure Ball it was in.
===Dub edits===
===Dub edits===

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EP191 : The Dunsparce Deception
Original series
EP193 : Sick Daze
The Wayward Wobbuffet
Sonans! Is That So?
First broadcast
Japan April 5, 2001
United States March 2, 2002
English themes
Opening Born to Be a Winner
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター (Whiteberry)
Ending 前向きロケット団!
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 米村正二 Shōji Yonemura
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
Additional credits

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The Wayward Wobbuffet (Japanese: ソーナンス!そうなんす? Sonans! Is That So?) is the 192nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 5, 2001 and in the United States on March 2, 2002.

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Template:Incomplete synopsis Ash and his friends are still en-route to Olivine City, Team Rocket lies in wait. Dressed as scientists, they explain they’ve just repaired the amazing “Poké Pod.” To test it out, Pikachu is placed in the pod and locked in tight. When Team Rocket reveals their true identity and runs, Ash and friends are in hot pursuit. When they catch up to Team Rocket, there isn’t a Poké Pod or Pikachu in sight! Realizing Wobbuffet was hiding for the handoff and has the key to unlock the Pod, Ash chases after it.

In Wobbuffet’s rash retreat, it trips dropping the Poké Pod containing Pikachu and falls into the rapids of a nearby river. Since the only way to release Pikachu from the Poké Pod is to possess the key around Wobbuffet’s neck, it’s an all-out race to reach Team Rocket’s blue bad-boy first. Then Wobbuffet falls onto the thief Goneff's truck and is driven away. This proves problematic as Wobbuffet plummets over waterfalls, wanders through forests, gets taken for a ride on the roof of a run-away truck, blows for miles in a hot-air balloon and falls helpless to the helm of a speedboat! Ash and Jessie race to the boat just to get the key then Wobbuffet pulls out the steering wheel and gets back on Goneff's motorcycle. Goneff says he will give back Wobbuffet if the police give him a helicopter to escape. Team Rocket digs a hole to get up to the floor where Goneff is keeping Wobbuffet and fight them.

Major events

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Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Teddiursa (US and international), Wobbuffet (Jessie's) (Japan)


File:Pocket Monsters TV.jpg
Pocket Monster TV featuring Pikachu. This episode featured Wobbuffet, number 202.


  • Ash sends out Totodile out of a Poké Ball instead of the Lure Ball it was in.

Dub edits

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EP191 : The Dunsparce Deception
Original series
EP193 : Sick Daze
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