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[[Category:Episodes in which an alternately colored Pokémon appears|162]]
[[Category:Episodes in which an alternately colored Pokémon appears|162]]
[[de:Eine Frage des Typs]]
[[de:Eine Frage des Typs (Episode)]]

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EP161 : The Bug Stops Here
Original series
EP163 : Fossil Fools
Type Casting
Where is Usokkie!?
First broadcast
Japan August 31, 2000
United States September 1, 2001
English themes
Opening Born to Be a Winner
Japanese themes
Opening OK!
Ending タケシのパラダイス
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 大橋志吉 Yukiyoshi Ōhashi
Storyboard 福本潔 Kiyoshi Fukumoto
Assistant director 秦義人 Yoshito Hata
Animation director 福本勝 Masaru Fukumoto
Additional credits

Type Casting (Japanese: ウソッキーはどこにいる!? Where is Usokkie!?) is the 162nd episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 31, 2000 and in the United States on September 1, 2001.

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Trying to reach Ecruteak City our heroes are stopped in their tracks, unable to cross a bridge-less river. As they walk the bank, they see an old fisherman and strike a bargain, a ferry-ride across the river in exchange for an elusive Sudowoodo! As they comb the nearby mountains in search of one of these unique Pokémon they run into two research scientists arguing over Sudowoodo's type. Join Ash and the gang as they encounter this truly versatile Pokémon and attempt to determine what type Sudowoodo really is!


While making their way toward Ecruteak City, Ash and his friends find their path blocked by a river. Brock's map suggests that a bridge across exists, but all they can see is construction workers working on a new bridge. Ash asks the construction manager where the bridge over the river is; he informs Ash and friends that a typhoon had swept the old bridge away. The travelers are dismayed to learn that the new bridge will be completed... in six months!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket soars through the sky in their hot air balloon, cooking potatoes with the balloon's fire. After Jessie complains that the meal is taking too long to cook, Team Rocket suggests that they turn up the heat. But soon their balloon burns to a crisp, sending the occupants hurtling towards the ground. A stunned James informs the others that their potatoes are "well done."

Back at the river, Ash and friends, trying to think of a way to cross the river, spy a fisherman in a row boat. The fisherman agrees to take them across in exchange for a captured Sudowoodo, a species which supposedly lives on a nearby mountain. The friends begin looking for Sudowoodo; even Psyduck tries to help. Surprisingly, Psyduck happens upon a Sudowoodo almost immediately. The Imitation Pokémon poses as a tree, confusing Psyduck by moving back and forth. Psyduck tries to alert Misty, but Misty doesn't see through Sudowoodo's camouflage - until it moves. Discovered, Sudowoodo panics and runs, followed closely by Ash, Misty, and Brock.

After losing track of Sudowoodo, the gang enters a clearing, surprised to see a man and a woman in laboratory coats standing on tree stumps and arguing. The man introduces himself as Pierre and the woman introduces herself as Marie. Apparently, they're up in the mountains to work on a research paper about the local habitat and the Sudowoodo. The two disagree about Sudowoodo: Pierre agrees with the general scientific consensus that Sudowoodo is a Rock type, while Marie doubts that assertion, citing its Grass-type appearance and reports of the Pokémon using Fire-type attacks. Pierre seems to rely primarily on printed material, in contrast to Marie, who prefers first-hand research. Ash then gets an idea: he can use Noctowl to search for the elusive Pokémon.

While Noctowl searches, Marie informs Ash, Misty, and Brock that Sudowoodo can appear similar to many types of trees, even to the extent of changing colors with the seasons. But Pierre immediately casts doubt on the likelihood of Sudowoodo being a Grass-type. According to his books, "Sudowoodo gather branches to look like trees." Then Noctowl appears, having sighted a Sudowoodo. As Ash and the rest approach the Pokémon, Sudowoodo notices them and flees. As fleet of foot as it may be, Ash's Chikorita proves just as fast. The desperate Sudowoodo turns around and uses what looks like Vine Whip. Chikorita easily deflects the vine with the leaf on its head, however, sending Sudowoodo's "Vine Whip" into the hands of Marie, who realizes disappointedly that Sudowoodo had simply been holding a vine. Sudowoodo then uses "Razor Leaf", but the leaves are all dried up, adding to the group's confusion. Ash has Chikorita Vine Whip Sudowoodo. Things look bad for the Imitation Pokémon until it suddenly lashes out with a very real-looking Vine Whip, sending Chikorita flying. Marie suggests that Ash use a different Pokémon to battle Sudowoodo in order to test its attacks again, so Ash recalls Chikorita and sends out Totodile. Both Sudowoodo and Totodile do a bit of dancing before Ash tells Totodile to Tackle the Pokémon, but Sudowoodo narrowly steps out of the way. It also avoids Totodile's Water Gun by jumping frantically about. Misty observes that "Sudowoodo seems to hate that water," suggesting once again that the Pokémon is a Rock-type. Finally, Ash has Totodile attempt to Bite Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo is chased until it suddenly disappears into the ground. Ash wonders if Sudowoodo has just demonstrated Dig, meaning it might be a Ground type, but then Sudowoodo comes back up - in a net.

Two people in very convincing tree costumes, one of them hanging the net from her fake foliage, say the motto, with Meowth popping out of a fake tree stump at the end. Before Ash and the others can act, James orders Weezing to use SmokeScreen. When the smoke clears, Team Rocket is gone, along with Sudowoodo.

As Ash and the others search for Team Rocket and their captive, Team Rocket itself is having an argument about Sudowoodo's type. Meowth asks Sudowoodo what type it is, but the reply is simply, "Why don't we get something to eat?" Even after being promised food, Sudowoodo avoids giving a straight answer, instead saying that it's "the type that wants to eat." Jessie gets impatient with the Pokémon, which acts in a similar annoying manner to Wobbuffet, remarking, "You're the type that drives people crazy!" Finally they give up and decide to take the Sudowoodo to the fisherman for a ride across the river. The fisherman, suspicious that Team Rocket might be tricking him, points out that the Sudowoodo doesn't look healthy. James, assuming Sudowoodo is a Grass-type, takes out a watering can that resembles a Squirtle in order to water the Pokémon. But seeing the can, Sudowoodo cries out in fear and attempts to run away. While Jessie and Meowth hold on tight to the rope around Sudowoodo's middle, James slowly, agonizingly pours some water, but the rope breaks at the last second and Sudowoodo is free. Team Rocket chases after it, followed by the old fisherman, interested in catching it before they do.

Ash and the others are making no progress finding Sudowoodo. Then Pikachu spots it standing on a rock holding tree branches, hiding from Team Rocket. Before they can escort Sudowoodo to Marie and Pierre's lab, Sudowoodo runs off once again, determined to stay mysterious and free. Brock gets ahead of Sudowoodo and tackles it and tries to calm it down, assuring it that he's its "friend, like a friendly Lickitung." He even tries licking the struggling Pokémon, which prompts Misty to ask the scientists if they have any psychiatrists at their lab. Then Brock tries feeding Sudowoodo his special Pokémon food. This plan works like a charm; Sudowoodo is soon begging like a dog for more food, even willing to go to the lab to receive some.

At the lab, Marie asks Sudowoodo to perform Vine Whip, but Sudowoodo nervously shakes its head. Even more of Brock's food won't convince it to try the attack. Marie suggests that Ash use one of his Pokémon to get Sudowoodo to use Vine Whip. Pikachu uses ThunderShock, but Sudowoodo simply absorbs the electricity and beams it back, narrowly missing Pikachu. While Sudowoodo performs a victory dance, Pierre announces that his books list one of Sudowoodo's attacks as Mimic, an attack that imitates other attacks. Marie realizes that this is how Sudowoodo had used unusual attacks: it mimicked Chikorita's Vine Whip and Pikachu's ThunderShock. To prove that Sudowoodo is indeed a Rock-type, Pierre tries to spray it with water, but Sudowoodo escapes out the window. Soon, it finds itself surrounded by Ash and friends, Team Rocket, and the old fisherman from the river. Marie, surprised to see the fisherman, reveals that he is her grandfather. Then the grandfather explains that he had only been looking for a Sudowoodo because Marie had wanted to find one.

Determined to get Sudowoodo, Jessie sends out Arbok. Ash then sends out Cyndaquil. Before Arbok can Tackle Cyndaquil, Sudowoodo grabs it in midair and slams it into the ground. When Arbok recovers, Sudowoodo points to the right. Arbok, falling for the trick, doesn't see Sudowoodo's Faint Attack until too late. Adding insult to injury, it Low Kicks the dazed Cobra Pokémon. Jessie recalls Arbok, but remarks that Sudowoodo's sly style would fit perfectly with Team Rocket. She has Wobbuffet face Sudowoodo, but Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower on Wobbuffet before it can make a move. Sudowoodo, however, stands in front of the Flamethrower and, unharmed, sends it right back at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil then tries to Tackle Wobbuffet, but Wobbuffet uses Counter, sending Cyndaquil flying. Misty, forming an idea in her head, sends out Poliwhirl, then asks Ash to have Cyndaquil distract Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet prepares to Counter Cyndaquil's Flamethrower, but then Poliwhirl hits it with a Water Gun. Poliwhirl triumphantly blasts Team Rocket off with its Water Gun.

Meanwhile, Sudowoodo runs around, trying to avoid the drops of water from Poliwhirl's attacks. It flees once again, but Marie tells the others to let it go. The argument had been settled; Sudowoodo is definitely a Rock-type. Pierre comments that he is glad Marie questioned the established position, since if she hadn't they never would have learned so much about the mysterious Pokémon. Pierre and Marie apologize to each other for arguing so much and thank Ash, Misty, and Brock for their help.

Finally, Ash and his friends are on their way across the river on Marie's grandfather's boat. They wave goodbye to the scientists, knowing they are getting closer to their destination: Ecruteak City. In the mean time... Team Rocket is desperately climbing a perilous cliff. James grabs on to what he thinks is a tree branch. But as he pulls himself up onto the edge of the cliff, James sees that it's a Sudowoodo's arm he's holding onto. Sudowoodo shakes Team Rocket off, too scared to notice their agonized wails.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.


Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Gengar (U.S. and international), Sudowoodo (Japan)



  • In one scene Ash's Noctowl's outer circle around its eye is black instead of light brown.

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EP161 : The Bug Stops Here
Original series
EP163 : Fossil Fools
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