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broadcast_us=August 18, 2001 |
broadcast_us=August 18, 2001 |
en_series=Johto League Champions |
en_series=Johto League Champions |
en_op=[[Pokémon Johto]] |
en_op=[[Born to Be a Winner]] |
ja_op=[[OK!]] |
ja_op=[[OK!]] |
ja_ed=[[Takeshi's Paradise|タケシのパラダイス]] |
ja_ed=[[Takeshi's Paradise|タケシのパラダイス]] |

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EP158 : A Goldenrod Opportunity
Original series
EP160 : Air Time!
A Dairy Tale Ending
Miltank! Revenge Battle!!
First broadcast
Japan August 10, 2000
United States August 18, 2001
English themes
Opening Born to Be a Winner
Japanese themes
Opening OK!
Ending タケシのパラダイス
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 岩崎太郎 Tarō Iwasaki
Assistant director 岩崎太郎 Tarō Iwasaki
Animation director はしもとかつみ Katsumi Hashimoto
Additional credits

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A Dairy Tale Ending (Japanese: ミルタンク!リベンジバトル!! Miltank! Revenge Battle!!) is the 159th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 10, 2000 and in the United States on August 18, 2001.

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201


Template:Incomplete synopsis After Ash's Pokémon recover, Whitney takes the group to spend a day at her uncle's dairy. But Ash only has one thing on his mind: How can he defeat her seemingly unstoppable Miltank? Everyone is in the farmhouse enjoying a cool glass of milk, as Jessie, James and Meowth take their chances at raiding the pantry for all the dairy produce they can get their hands on. However they are soon discovered by Whitney, and, grabbing all the food they can carry, they run off. Ash gives chase, and Pikachu attacks the Rockets, causing them to drop the stolen food, which is caught by Brock, Misty and Milton. Jessie and James send out Arbok and Weezing, and Whitney sends out Miltank. Miltank hits the Rockets with a Rollout and sends them flying.

Later the group are brushing the farm's Miltank, but the one Ash is brushing decides to walk away. Ash grabs its tail, and it responds by kicking him into a fence. Afterwards, Milton shows the group the milking machine.

As Whitney is practicing her Miltank's Rollout, Ash recalls how it made short work of his Pokémon in their earlier Gym battle. Whitney's training is cut short, however, by Team Rocket, who return in a giant rolling barrel. They recite their motto, and use arms which sprout from the ends of the barrel to grab Miltank and Pikachu as the group run away from the barrel, which appears to have its own Rollout attack. Ash turns to face the barrel, and sends out Cyndaquil, which attacks with Tackle, stopping the advance. Ash then uses Totodile's Water Gun to carve trenches in the hill, which cause the barrel to bounce and shake so violently that James snaps the control levers, dropping Miltank and Pikachu. Pikachu launches a ThunderShock which causes the barrel to explode, sending Team Rocket flying.

Ash and Whitney agree to another battle, with Ash's Cyndaquil, Totodile and Pikachu against Whitney's Miltank. Ash starts with Cyndaquil, but it is quickly defeated by Miltank's Rollout. Next Ash uses Totodile, and again has it use Water Gun to dig trenches in the ground. Totodile then launches itself into the air with another Water Gun, and lands on top of Miltank. However Whitney orders Miltank to shake it off, and it does, before hitting it with its Rollout. Ash returns the defeated Totodile to its Poké Ball before it even hits the ground. Finally, Ash sends out Pikachu, and orders it to use Agility. Pikachu's speed of moving around causes Miltank to hit some of the trenches in its attempts to attack. As Miltank comes round for another attack, Pikachu positions itself in the bottom of one of the trenches, and as Miltank rolls over the top, Pikachu tosses it into the air. Pikachu uses ThunderShock on the airborne Miltank, and wins the match. Whitney offers Ash the Plain Badge and he is surprised, as he has not won an even battle against her, but Milton says that beating a Gym Leader's top Pokémon fair and square is what counts, and he accepts it.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the timeline of events.




Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Snorlax (U.S. and international), Miltank (Japan)


  • The Miltank dairy may be based on MooMoo Farm, though that is found to the west of Route 38 while the dairy in this episode is located just outside Goldenrod City.
  • Whitney's Clefairy does not appear in this episode despite it being constantly by her side in the previous episode.
  • The English title is a pun of the phrase, "a fairy tale ending".
  • The book Winner Takes All is based on this episode.
  • This episode is featured on the Crash of the Dairy volume of the High Voltage Collection series, a series of select Johto League Champions episodes on VHS.
  • In the previous episode Whitney's Gym states the Gym Leader will be back tomorrow, yet as this is the next day, Whitney is not at her Gym but at the Miltank dairy.


Whitney's missing socks
  • Nurse Joy remarks about how well Ash's Totodile and Pikachu fared against Whitney compared to other Trainers' Pokémon. She left out mention of Cyndaquil, even though all three were shown recovering.
  • Jessie says that they were on a magnet train when in fact they were on a magnet hand car.
  • When Whitney tells Ash that one Miltank hates having its tail grabbed, her socks disappear.
  • When Whitney and her Miltank train on a hill, Miltank uses Rollout down the hill, but appears to be spinning in the opposite direction. When it goes back up the hill, its spin is the same.
  • Whitney refers to a Miltank as "he", despite Miltank being an all-female species.

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EP158 : A Goldenrod Opportunity
Original series
EP160 : Air Time!
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