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EP157 : The Fortune Hunters
Original series
EP159 : A Dairy Tale Ending
A Goldenrod Opportunity
Kogane Gym! Speed & Power!?
First broadcast
Japan August 3, 2000
United States August 18, 2001
English themes
Opening Born to Be a Winner
Japanese themes
Opening OK!
Ending タケシのパラダイス
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 細谷直行 Naoyuki Hosoya
Assistant director 井上修 Osamu Inoue
Animation director 佐藤まさふみ Masafumi Satō
Additional credits

A Goldenrod Opportunity (Japanese: コガネジム!スピード&パワー!? Kogane Gym! Speed & Power!?) is the 158th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on August 3, 2000 and in the United States on August 18, 2001.

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Our heroes have finally reached the next stop on the road to Johto: Goldenrod City! Looking to challenge the city's Gym Leader, Ash finds out the gym is closed for the day. Knowing they must wait until tomorrow, the gang decides to shop around and enjoy the city when they run into a local trainer, Whitney. After a close-encounter with Team Rocket, our heroes realize Whitney is actually the Goldenrod City Gym Leader! Will Ash win his next Johto League badge?


It's been a very long journey and a long time coming, but Ash, Misty and Brock have finally arrived at Goldenrod City. The three friends reach a top of the hill and see Goldenrod standing before them. Everyone is happy to see the large city before them, Ash is more than ready to compete for his third Johto League Badge!

Goldenrod is a sprawling metropolis, filled with shops and people. Misty is interested in the sales, Brock is as usual is interested in the girls and both are interested in the sizzling hamburgers. Ash, however, is able to ignore his stomach and reminds his friends that they're not in the city to find the sales, meet the girls or eat the food but to allow him to challenge the local Gym Leader and earn his next Badge. Brock agrees that the Gym Battle should come first, and the three head to the Goldenrod City Gym.

Reaching the Gym, Ash is dismayed to see a sign on the front on day declaring that the Gym is closed that day but will reopen the next. With nothing else to do, the three decide to enjoy the day and partake the shops, the food and (for Brock) the girls. Brock suggests a visit to the Goldenrod Galleria.

Brock tells his friends that the Galleria should be nearby... but it turns out he said that an hour and a half ago and everywhere they go leads to a dead end and he is forced to admit defeat. Pikachu then gets an idea about where to go and heads towards a main street... and runs straight into a Clefairy. Ash apologizes to the Clefairy, when a girl runs down the street asking if Pikachu is okay after bumping into her Clefairy. She is very sweet, and makes sure Pikachu is okay by picking him up and kissing him on the head... which causes Brock to bang his own head against the wall, hoping that he's the next recipient of a get-well kiss (although all he receives for that is a get-away pull of the ear by Misty, of course). Ash and the girl laugh over the incident.

The girl, who introduces herself as Whitney, offers to take the gang to the Galleria. Brock decides to take the chance to ask Whitney out for a quiet drink by themselves, only to find that Whitney, Ash and Misty have already moved off... blowing his chances again.

Whitney tells the gang that the Galleria is far easier to get to if they take an Underground Path which doubles as a shopping arcade. Walking through the path, Whitney tells them that she discovered the route herself and Misty comments on how lucky they were to find her as a guide... only it seems Whitney isn't as good a guide that they hoped as they end up further away from the Galleria than ever. Whitney quickly tries again and leads the gang through the path and into a doorway she hopes will lead to the Galleria. But Whitney is wrong again as it actually leads into a shop owned by two Haircut brothers who offer to work their magic on Pikachu and Clefairy. But as neither would look very good with a perm, Ash and Whitney quickly grab their Pokémon and leave.

By now, Ash's stomach is making very loud noises and the gang give up on the Galleria and decide to head back to where they started to get some hamburgers from the stand they came across. Whitney knows exactly where to go and heads up another staircase, but instead of coming out where they started they end up at the Galleria. Whitney realizes she can only really get somewhere when she isn't aiming for it, but in the end they got to the Galleria anyway. Whitney offers the gang a tour and rushes through the automatic doors... except they're not automatic and she slams straight into them.

While Ash and his friends may not be enjoying food yet, Jessie and Meowth are inside the Galleria. As the two are enjoying the snacks, James points out they can't actually afford all this to which Jessie and Meowth tell him they can, as they're eating free sample. James, having grown up in a rich household, doesn't quite get the notion of 'free samples' at first, but is soon stuffing his face with his team mates anyway; the store owner arrives, asking if they're actually planning to buy anything... cue a motto extolling the pleasures of free food. However, the store owner points out that only a small tray is free, and Team Rocket has already scoffed a small fortune. With no money (and the offer of an I.O.U. declined), the three are immediately put to work by the owner. But the idea of working off their debt is quickly forgotten when they spot Whitney's Clefairy, separated from the others, walking around the store. Knowing that the chance to grab such a rare Pokémon doesn't come around very often, they decide to grab it and send it to the Boss.

Having finished their shopping, Whitney makes her goodbyes to the gang when she notices her Clefairy is missing. Piling all their shopping onto Brock, they begin looking for Clefairy. Team Rocket, however, are able to grab it first and upon encountering Ash and friends, decides the best way to get away with Clefairy is to run for it. Ash, Misty, Whitney and Pikachu start to run after them while Brock stumbles behind with numerous boxes.

Team Rocket spot the station for the Magnet Train, a brand spanking new super-fast monorail. They decide to make a getaway in it, and reaching the platform, ask a member of staff when the next train is to which they learn it's due in just over a year. The Magnet Train is so brand spanking new it isn't actually built yet. This allows Ash, Misty and Whitney to catch up, yelling to give back Clefairy. Spotting a handcar, Jessie and James start furiously pedaling and Team Rocket are soon very slowly getting away. Pikachu gives chase by walking next to them, and Ash orders a Thunderbolt. Jessie asks him not to, and gives Clefairy back. Whitney thanks Ash, but then Meowth takes the opportunity to grab Pikachu. The handcar is moving again, and Whitney orders Clefairy to use Metronome which produces a Gust. This grabs Pikachu right out of Meowth's paws and returns him to Ash. Now Team Rocket isn't interested in getting away with a Pokémon, but just getting away. Ash tells Pikachu to use a Thunder on Team Rocket, which Pikachu does. This activates the magnetic propulsion systems which sends Team Rocket shooting down the line. Jessie is happy that they are finally riding the Magnet Train fast and free, but Meowth points out that they won't be so fast and free when the line ends as they disappear down a tunnel...

Ash thanks Whitney for her help, but Whitney was only too happy to help, and tells him she'd love to have a Pokémon battle against him. Ash thanks her, but tells her that he's busy getting ready for a battle at the Gym the next day. Whitney laughs and asks why Ash didn't tell her as she could have guided him to the Gym straight away. Misty tells her they were there, but it's closed for the day. Whitney tells the gang that while it's meant to be the Gym Leader's day off, she can open the Gym for them. Ash, never one to easily put two and two together, asks if she's the Gym's cleaning lady, which causes her to laugh again as she realizes what she never told the gang. It turns out that Whitney is the Goldenrod Gym Leader!

At the Gym, the referee announces the rules. It will be a three-on-three battle, with a Plain Badge at stake. Both Ash and Whitney are psyched for the match, and the referee begins the match.

Whitney starts off with Nidorina, and Ash responds by sending out Cyndaquil who promptly lights its flame and is ready for battle. Whitney orders a Poison Sting and a Tackle, but neither are much of a match for Cyndaquil's Flamethrower. After a couple of hits, Nidorina is out and Ash congratulates Cyndaquil. Whitney is shocked by the quick defeat and sends in Clefairy who begins a Metronome. Ash knows Metronome can call upon any attack and tells Cyndaquil to prepare for anything. Metronome is powered, but luck is not on Clefairy's side and it is stuck using Splash. Cyndaquil uses Flamethrower again, but Whitney cannot bear to see Clefairy get hurt and withdraws it from the match. Whitney is down two, and Ash still has all three Pokémon remaining still at full strength. Ash literally cannot believe his good luck and prepares to wrap the battle up and considers the Plain Badge as good as his.

Whitney reminds Ash she still has one Pokémon left which is also her strongest. She throws the Poké Ball which releases a Miltank. Ash looks Miltank up on his Pokédex which paints Miltank as a Pokémon who prefers not to battle. Whitney orders Miltank to use a Rollout, and Miltank rolls into a fast-spinning ball and slams straight into Cyndaquil sending it flying. Ash orders a Tackle and Cyndaquil attempts to hit Miltank dead on just to take another hard hit for its trouble. Miltank turns around for another strike, and Brock suggests Ash switch Pokémon. Cyndaquil takes an even bigger hit and Misty also advises Ash to switch Cyndaquil out. But it's too late and Cyndaquil takes a final hit and is knocked out. Ash returns Cyndaquil to its Poké Ball and thanks it for a good battle. Miltank is still full of energy.

Ash is now taking the match a lot more seriously, and sends out Totodile. Whitney orders another Rollout, which heads straight for Totodile. Ash orders a Water Gun, but it doesn't even manage to slow Miltank down and the Milk Cow Pokémon is rapidly approaching. Whitney laughs that Rollout gets stronger and stronger the longer it lasts. Ash tells Totodile to get out of the way, but it's too late and Miltank hits Totodile with Rollout, knocking Totodile out with only one hit! Ash recalls Totodile, and Miltank is still spinning around the battlefield constantly gaining more and more power. Ash tries to think of way to defeat Miltank, and Brock tells Ash that Totodile got Miltank wet, so an Electric-type attack should work. Ash agrees, and sends in Pikachu and commands him to use Thunderbolt. Pikachu hits dead-on, but it has no effect on the still-spinning Miltank. Whitney tells Ash that, while it was a smart idea, Miltank is spinning so fast, she's already dry. Ash decides to switch strategy and has Pikachu use Agility to try to outrun Miltank, but it's no use as Miltank is just too fast and gets a direct hit. Pikachu is slammed across the arena, and gets up very much the worse for wear. But he's barely up when Miltank hits again, and Pikachu is once again sent flying. The Electric Mouse Pokémon tries to get up, but he can't and faints. Ash has lost the match and Whitney is declared the winner.

Whitney recalls Miltank and thanks Ash for a good match, and should he ever want a rematch, she'll be happy to give him one. Whitney and Clefairy leave the Gym, and as Ash cradles Pikachu, he knows that a rematch would be pointless. Whitney and Miltank are far too powerful, and Ash doesn't have a clue how he's going to defeat them.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Squirtle (US and international), Clefairy (Japan)



  • When Clefairy forfeits against Cyndaquil, the wings on its back are missing.
  • After Pikachu used Thunder on Team Rocket, Meowth's toes are white when they should be brown.

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EP157 : The Fortune Hunters
Original series
EP159 : A Dairy Tale Ending
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