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= Synopsis =
= Synopsis =
Synopsis by [[User:Chikoquil|Chikoquil]]
The travels of Ash, Misty, and Brock have brought them to Scissor Street. Ash wonders why they're here, but Misty then remembers that Scissor Street is also called "Breeder's Lane." Brock seems to be looking for a particular store, it seems.
The travels of Ash, Misty, and Brock have brought them to Scissor Street. Ash wonders why they're here, but Misty then remembers that Scissor Street is also called "Breeder's Lane." Brock seems to be looking for a particular store, it seems.

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Pokémon Fashion Flash
Rokon! Breeder Confrontation!
First broadcast
Japan October 7, 1997
United States October 14, 1998
English themes
Opening Pokémon Theme
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター
Ending ニャースのうた
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 玉川明洋 Akihiro Tamagawa
No additional credits are available at this time.

Pokémon Fashion Flash (Japanese: ロコン!ブリーダーたいけつ! Rokon! Breeder Confrontation!) is episode 28 of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on October 7, 1997 and in USA on October 14, 1998.

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Synopsis by Chikoquil

The travels of Ash, Misty, and Brock have brought them to Scissor Street. Ash wonders why they're here, but Misty then remembers that Scissor Street is also called "Breeder's Lane." Brock seems to be looking for a particular store, it seems.

Brock explains that there's a lot of breeding salons on this street, as well as beauty parlors, all just for Pokemon. Misty suddenly runs ahead and looks at a big poster sporting the latest fashion, which is a really overdressed Koffing and Ekans. There's also a pink scripted R on the poster. Hmm...

When they find the advertised Salon, someone who sounds awfully familiar is announcing the place as "Salon Rockét." For some reason, this name sounds very familiar to Ash and Misty. Brock looks again at the posing Ekans and Koffing and wonders if it's a Pokémon or a Christmas Tree.

Inside, the stylists of Salon Rockét (Jessie and James) are hard at work putting the latest fashions on a Raichu and a Dodrio. They seem to be a bit too enthusiastic about their work. When they complete their fashion makeover, they present the Pokémon to its trainer, who adores the new look. The Pokémon, however, are less than impressed.

While the stylists see the customer off, Meowth is busy counting the money. He then starts complaining that they're spending too much money on advertising. Jessie corrects him, informing him that the more they hype the place up, the more customers they'll get. And those are customers that would pay thousands for the perfect Pokémon makeover. This sends Meowth practically drooling.

Back outside, Misty's debating if she should get in line, when Brock suddenly interrupts, saying he found the store he was looking for. He leads the others over to the store, which isn't nearly as flashy as any of the other places. Even so, Brock almost can't bring himself to open the door. Thusly, Ash and Misty do it for him.*

When they enter, they see a female Pokémon Breeder giving a Chansey a massage. She finishes up just as the customer returns for the Chansey. When Susie asks if they need help, Ash says they're just browsing around, until Brock interrupts with a red face.

But then Misty herself interrupts, seeing a Vulpix napping on a chair. Ash and Misty make their way over, Ash using his Pokédex on the Vulpix. Misty continually compliments it, then picks it up, only to get a Flamethrower in the face. Dexter belatedly adds that Vulpix uses powerful flame attacks, to which Ash responds with a "Duh!"

Susie apologizes and explains that Vulpix doesn't like to be touched or hugged by strangers, to which Misty can only reply "I wish I knew that sooner." Brock suddenly manages to speak up, stumbling his way through a greeting. His stumbling becomes worse, until he finally manages to blurt out that he wants to become Susie's pupil. Everyone is shocked, Susie foremost. Ash doesn't understand why, but Brock is quickly on top of it.

Brock, getting a microphone from somewhere, begins a recital about her achieivements, fame, and other things. Misty asks if Vulpix has ever won any awards. Brock quickly breaks into another tirade about Vulpix, but is soon cut off by Ash, who exclaims "We get the idea!"

Later, Susie serves tea for the three, and Pikachu is happily munching food. Susie compliments Pikachu on his shiny coat, and asks if that food is Brock's. Brock says it is, and Misty explains that it's Brock's own recipe too. Susie explains that she too got into Pokémon breeding because of her interest in Pokémon nutrition.

Vulpix suddenly leaps up to the bowl of food, sniffing at it curiously. Pikachu offers her the piece he was eating, and Vulpix eats it. As everyone watches, Vulpix proves to enjoy it. This surprises Susie, as Vulpix usually doesn't eat anything Susie herself hasn't made. Ash guesses that Vulpix is a fan of Brock's cooking too. All Brock can say is "Thank you, Vulpix," and bows, only to smack his head on the table.

Misty then brings up all the Flashily dressed Pokemon they've seen en route. Susie points out that ever since Salon Rockét opened up, everything has been about making Pokémon look as flashy as possible. Ash thinks that's dumb, but Misty points out that even Pokemon like to dress up once in a while. She then goes on to imagine what Pikachu would look like in fashion.

This, however, leads to an argument about inside and outside being more important. Susie asks if Brock should try to stop them, but he only responds that that's like trying to stop the tide. Ash finally jokingly suggests that if fashion's so important, why doesn't Misty take her Psyduck over to that salon? Misty loves the idea, and calls out Psyduck.

Ash laughs, saying now they'll see who gets the last "quack." Misty claims that they're so cute that they'll look good no matter what fashion they're in, to which Ash replies, "I'm sure Psyduck will." After shouting at Ash for a bit, Misty realizes that this may be tougher than she thought, but even so, they soon head off to Salon Rockét.

Susie starts expressing her doubts about her methods after Misty leaves, but Brock and Ash quickly assure her not to give up on what she believes in, and that they have to stick up for what's on the inside together. Susie wonders how it can be done, but Brock has a plan. If customers want to put style over substance, then give them substance with style.

Soon enough, Susie, with the assistance of Ash and Brock, is giving a lecture on Pokémon Breeding and treatment. Susie explains that if a Pokémon has been injured in a battle, it should be given a therapeutic massage. She is demonstrating on Pikachu as she explains.

Outside Salon Rockét, the crowd gradually disappears. Misty looks around in confusion, but then meets the person who had gotten the Chansey earlier. He explains that everyone's over at Susie's, where she's giving a series of lectures on Pokémon care.

Back at Susie's, Ash begins to demonstrate the massage technique they were taught on Pikachu. While Ash is giving the massage, Susie explains that good communication between Pokémon and Trainer are vital to bring out a Pokémon's true personality. Brock adds that a technique is only as good as the trainer or breeder who uses it. Three of the trainers look at their overfashioned Pokémon and start to doubt if it was right.

Back at Salon Rockét, Jessie and James are putting the finishing touches on a Squirtle. James has an emotional artist moment about roses being the flowers of love and romance, though he mentions they also paint daffodils. The Squirtle simple shrugs and sighs. It's unlikely its a fan of its new look.

Jessie orders Meowth to send in the next customer, tout suite. Meowth complains that he's counting money, but then realizes there's only one customer left. Jessie and James don't care, and Meowth's starting to worry that maybe they're forgetting what the point of this scam really is.

Misty then enters with Psyduck. Team Rocket reacts with shock when they realize who it is, but quickly compose themselves. They then drag Misty in, despite her protests that Psyduck was the one who needed the fashion makeover, but when she sees the results, she loves them. She asks if they try even more, and Jessie and James happily oblige.

Meowth suddenly butts in, saying that she hangs around with that Pikachu. Misty recognizes him instantly, and Jessie and James start stomping and elbow-dropping him respectively for blowing their cover. Meowth angryily slashes them, ripping off their disguises and revealing them as Team Rocket.

Misty screams that she'll never tell them anything, but James threatens to paint her face like Frankenstein if she doesn't. She quickly mulls it over, then starts screaming for Psyduck. But wait a minute, Psyduck is gone!

Psyduck is racing back to Susie's Breeder Salon, where he goes into one of his usual Psyduck panics. Pikachu realizes instantly what he's saying: Misty's in danger! Pikachu takes off, Brock and Ash following. They make their way back to Salon Rockét, where they face off against Team Rocket.

But then they see Misty, and wonder what happened to her face. They manage to restrain their laughter, and demand they let Misty go. Team Rocket refuses, claiming they're conducting "important beauty research" on her.

This starts an argument between Susie and Team Rocket about the beauty inside and the beauty outside. Meowth, however, interrupts, because they don't know anything about breeding. The whole Salon Rockét was designed as a scam all along!

To quote Meowth, "It was a brilliant plan! Part 1: Come up with some dumb Pokémon fashions and take piles of money from gullible trainers. Part 2: If a trainer brought in a rare Pokémon, they would distract the trainer, then steal the Pokémon on the spot!" (Note that the crowd has now gathered around, so they heard the whole thing.)

Team Rocket offers a trade: Misty for Pikachu. Ash isn't about to take any deals, however, and challenges them to a battle. Team Rocket, however, has prepared for this, and pushes a button on a Microphone, presenting the Salon Rockét Battling Platform! They proceed to give a new variation of the motto:

  • Jessie: And now, Salon Rockét presents a Fashion extravaganza and Pokémon Battlethon! To protect the world from boring fashion!
  • James: To dress all people with flash and passion!
  • Jessie: To give all Pokémon pretty faces!
  • James: To extend our art to outer spaces!
  • Jessie: Jessie!
  • James: James!
  • Jessie: Salon Rockét: When it comes to chic, we know what's right!
  • James: Surrender your taste or prepare to fight!

Jessie sends out Ekans, and James sends out Koffing, both of whom are still dressed in their ridiculous outfits. Ash sends out Pikachu, and Brock uses Geodude. Brock orders a Seismic Toss, and Geodude carries Ekans into the air and flings him down. However, Ekans turns the momentum of the throw into a spinning wheel strike that shoots to slam into Pikachu.

Ash orders a Thundershock, but the spinning of Koffing and Ekans makes their extravagant outfits deflect the lightning. James then orders a sludge makeover, which blinds both Pikachu and Geodude. But as they're sent in for the finisher, they end up tripping over their outfits, causing what James calls a fashion disaster.

Meowth then leaps in to get Ekans and Koffing going again, and they charge in for the finish, but then Vulpix cuts in. Susie calls that if you only focus on outer beauty, a Pokémon's inner strength will be lost. And Vulpix drives the point home with a powerful Fire Spin that sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

After checking in with Dexter, who talks about Fire Spin, Brock explains to the crowd that there was first-hand proof that a cute exterior hides inner strength. The crowd, taking the words to heart, begin to remove all the flashy items from their Pokémon and wipe off the applied makeup. Meanwhile, Misty, who couldn't quite escape being roasted once again by Vulpix's flame, is chewing out Psyduck for running out on her.

Back at Susie's salon, Susie thanks Ash and his friends for helping her regain confidence in her beliefs. Susie was very impressed with the way Brock handled his Pokémon in a crisis, and understands that there's a journey ahead of herself too. She plans to leave the salon for a while and go on a journey to learn what it truly means to be a Pokémon breeder, which makes her and Brock rivals.

Vulpix then begins rubbing against Brock's leg. Susie admits that Brock is the first person other than herself that Vulpix has been friendly with, and asks that Brock take care of Vulpix for her. Brock gratefully accepts, and catches Vulpix. Ash and Misty are happy, but then Ash gets a look at her face and tries vainly to restrain his laughter, much to Misty's anger.

Soon enough, Ash, Misty and Brock are on their way once again, standing to wave goodbye to Susie. Behind them, Team Rocket goes running past, pursued by a crowd of former customers.

  • James: Now we need a total makeover! So no one will recognize us!
  • Jessie: They're all just jealous because they're not pretty enough to wear our designs!
  • All: Back to the drawing board!

So long, Salon Rockét!

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