Dynamic Punch (move)

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In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 爆裂拳 Bàoliè Quán*
暴裂拳 Bàoliè Quán*
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Dynamische Slag
France Flag.png French Dynamopoing
Germany Flag.png German Wuchtschlag
Greece Flag.png Greek Γροθιά Δυναμική
Italy Flag.png Italian Dinamipugno
South Korea Flag.png Korean 폭발펀치 Pokbal Punch
Poland Flag.png Polish Dynami Cios
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Soco Dinâmico
Serbia Flag.png Serbian Dinamit Pesnica
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Golpe Dinámico
Spain Flag.png Spain Puño Dinámico


Generation II TMs
Generation II HMs

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