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A Drive in the anime

A Drive (Japanese: カセット Cassette) is a type of held item introduced in Generation V, used for changing the type of Genesect's signature move, Techno Blast, to the corresponding type of Drive.

In Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, they are obtained by showing Genesect to a Scientist named Dudley at the P2 Laboratory. The Burn Drive and Shock Drive are obtained in Pokémon Black or Black 2, while the Douse Drive and Chill Drive are obtained in Pokémon White or White 2.

In X and Y, the Drives can be obtained by showing Genesect to a Hiker at the Fossil Lab in Ambrette Town. He says that he received the plans for the Drives from an acquaintance of his in Unova and made the Drives from them himself.

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Drives can be obtained by showing Genesect to a Street Thug on the second floor of Mauville City. He claims that they are rare items that came from the Unova region through some shady market.

In Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, the Drives can be obtained by talking to Colress on Route 8 after becoming Champion.

List of Drives

In the anime

The four Drives appeared in Genesect and the Legend Awakened. Each of them was attached to a member of the Genesect Army, with the exception of the leader, the Red Genesect. While it was used with the same purpose of changing the type of Techno Blast in the movie, it was also the key item to tell each Genesect apart, with the one holding the Douse Drive having a different personality from its group.

It wasn't shown or mentioned in any point of the movie that Genesect could switch or take off the Drives.

In the manga

The Drives in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

From Mr. Perfect to Innocent Scientist, Colress used Genesect to battle Blake. After falling for one of Blake's taunts, Colress angrily switched the Drive on Genesect's back for a Shock Drive in order to put Blake's Dewott at a disadvantage against the Paleozoic Pokémon. Once Blake had defeated and captured Genesect, he obtained the Shock Drive in the process.

The Shock Drive was later given to the Magician in order to reverse-engineer another set of Burn, Chill, and Douse Drives. Blake used the Burn Drive to battle Team Plasma on the Plasma Frigate, but due to it being incomplete at the time, Genesect was injured by its own attack and left exhausted after using Techno Blast on some Team Plasma Grunts. After Blake later used the Fire-type Techno Blast to save the Swords of Justice from being frozen in ice, Cobalion knocked the damaged Burn Drive off of Genesect's body, after which it exploded.

In Pokémon Adventures, the unnamed Drive attached to Genesect's back in called the Neutral Drive (Japanese: ノーマルカセット Normal Cassette).


This is the artwork of the Drives as seen on the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Burn Drive Sprite.png Dream Chill Drive Sprite.png Dream Douse Drive Sprite.png Dream Shock Drive Sprite.png
Burn Drive Chill Drive Douse Drive Shock Drive

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 卡帶 Kādaai
Mandarin 卡帶 / 卡带 Kǎdài
France Flag.png French Module
Germany Flag.png German Module
Italy Flag.png Italian Modulo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 카세트 Cassette
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Disco
Spain Flag.png Spanish ROM*
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đĩa

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