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シュウ Shū
Age 10 (est. by Pokeani)
Gender Male
Hometown LaRousse City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Now That's Flower Power
English voice actor Pete Zarustica (4Kids)
Bill Rogers (PUSA)
Japanese voice actor Mitsuki Saiga

Drew (Japanese: シュウ Shū) is a Pokémon Coordinator from LaRousse City and May's greatest rival. He is voiced by 斎賀みつき Mitsuki Saiga in Japanese, Pete Zarustica (4Kids dub) and Bill Rogers (Pokémon USA/TAJ Productions dub) in English, Vagner Fagundes (AG033-AG035) and Thiago Longo (AG050-present) in Brazilian Portuguese and Irwin Daayán in Latin American Spanish.


May and her friends first met Drew while she was practicing with her Beautifly on the beach near Slateport City in Now that's Flower Power!. Like Ash's main rival, Gary, Drew is portrayed as being confident, critical, and popular among his supporters, though generally not as overtly insulting as Gary initially was. However, also like Gary, he is not a villain by any means, despite how his comments and attitude may have angered May and her friends. His first match against May pitted her Beautifly against his Roselia, only to have it end when Team Rocket interfered. Drew’s skills have been a continuing inspiration for May to better herself as a coordinator, so much so that seeing a different Roselia will remind May of her rivalry.

In Drew's showing at the Slateport City Contest in Win, Lose or Drew!, he and his Roselia defeat May and Beautifly, but go on to lose to Robert and his Milotic. Drew shows up again for the Fallarbor Contest in Pros and Con Artists!, where May learns that he has three contest ribbons. Before the Fallarbor Contest begins, Drew has his first battle against Ash, pitting his Roselia against Ash's Taillow. During the contest, however, he loses to Grace and her Medicham. Following the contest, Drew congratulates the winner, May, by giving her a rose. The gesture (which is repeated in later encounters) is seen by some fans to be a hint towards a romantic relationship between the two. Drew claims that the roses are for May's Beautifly, but the excuse seems to become more cursory each time.

In A Fan with a Plan, Drew is mobbed by the M.F.P. (Mothers for Pokémon) fan club at the Rubello Town Pokémon Center. Before the contest, May spots Drew practicing outside with his new Pokémon, Masquerain. May introduces Drew to her latest Pokémon, Bulbasaur. Masquerain is shown to be a Pokémon well-suited for contest battling, while Bulbasaur, though rare in Hoenn, embarrasses May with its lack of discipline. Drew wins his fourth ribbon in Cruisin' for a Losin' using his Roselia in the first round, and his Masquerain in the 2nd. Notably, Drew placed 2nd at the Hoenn Grand Festival in Rhapsody in Drew beating out May in the semi-finals with his Roselia and newly-captured Flygon and losing to Robert in the finals.

Afterwards he decided to go for the Contests that reside in the Kanto Region. In May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!, he was reunited with his old rival and friend Solidad. She had defeated Drew in the last round of his very first battle a long time ago. She said the loss even made him cry. It had also been revealed in the same episode that he had been training an Absol for the Kanto Grand Festival, and he tells May at some point that he used to be very prone to nervousness back then.

During the Kanto Grand Festival, he lost to May, who ultimately lost to Solidad.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing, he revealed he would be traveling to Johto to participate in contests there. Also in this episode, he showed he has a Butterfree.

He has Contest Passes to compete in Hoenn, Kanto, and assumably now Johto as well.


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