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シュウ Shū
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown LaRousse City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Now That's Flower Power
English voice actor Pete Zarustica (4Kids)
Bill Rogers (TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Mitsuki Saiga

Drew (Japanese: シュウ Shū) is an anime-only character who is a Pokémon Coordinator from LaRousse City and May's rival.


Drew made his debut appearance in Now that's Flower Power!. Like Ash's main rival, Gary, Drew is portrayed as being confident, critical, and popular among his supporters, though he is generally not as overly insulting as Gary initially was.

When Drew had participated in his very first contest, he had lost badly to a strong Coordinator named Solidad. Solidad said the loss was so heartbreaking that he cried. Though he had suffered a defeat in his first contest, he endeavored to become a better Coordinator and has succeeded to a good extent. He used to be very prone to nervousness when he started his career as a Coordinator.

He used to taunt May when he first met her because she used to be like him when he first started out. Even though his comments and attitude may have angered May, he still provides a helping hand whenever she needs it.

When Drew participated at the Slateport City Contest in Win, Lose or Drew!, he and his Roselia defeated May and her Beautifly, but went on to lose to Robert and his Milotic. Drew shows up again in Pros and Con Artists for the Fallarbor Town Contest. During the contest, however, he loses to Grace and her Medicham. Following the contest, Drew congratulates the winner, May, by giving her a rose. The gesture (which is repeated in later encounters) is seen by some fans to be a hint towards a romantic relationship between the two but no direct hints have been shown.

Notably, Drew made it to the finals of the Hoenn Grand Festival in Rhapsody in Drew by beating May in the semi-finals. However, he lost in the finals to Robert, who also beat him in the Slateport City contest, and was placed second.

Afterwards he decided to go for the Contests in the Kanto region along with May and their other rival, Harley. In May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!, he was reunited with his old rival and friend Solidad, who had defeated him a long time ago. During the Kanto Grand Festival, he lost to May in the semi-finals who was placed in the Top 4.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing, he said he would be traveling to Johto to participate in the contests in that region along with May, Harley, and Solidad. He has the Contest Passes to compete in Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. He made a cameo appearance in Pruning a Passel of Pals! watching May perform at the Wallace Cup along with Harley and Solidad.


This listing is of Drew's known Pokémon:

Drew's Roserade
Roselia → Roserade
Main article: Drew's Roserade

Roserade is Drew's main Pokémon. It first appeared as a Roselia in Now That's Flower Power!. As revealed in A Full Course Tag Battle!, it evolved into Roserade while accompanying Drew to Johto.

Debut Now That's Flower Power!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Sarah Natochenny
Drew's Masquerain
Masquerain made its debut in A Fan with a Plan. May, while training with her Bulbasaur, stumbled across Drew training his Pokémon. He later used it in the Rubello Town Pokémon Contest. With its help, he won that contest's ribbon.

It also appeared in the Hoenn Grand Festival appeal stage. Its Bubble and Silver Wind impressed the crowd, and allowed Drew to move on to the final stages of the contest.

Masquerain's known moves are Bubble, Hidden Power, Ice Beam, Quick Attack, and Silver Wind.

Debut A Fan with a Plan
Voice actors
Japanese Tomoe Hanba
English Michele Knotz
Drew's Flygon
Flygon debuted in Rhapsody in Drew. When May was facing Drew in the Hoenn Grand Festival, he sent out Flygon to battle her Combusken and Skitty. She was surprised to see it, and Drew revealed that he caught it specifically for the Grand Festival. Along with his Roselia, he defeated May.

Drew also used Flygon in On Cloud Arcanine to try and capture an Arcanine.

Flygon was also used in the Kanto Grand Festival, along with Absol, where it battled May's Combusken and Squirtle. Flygon ended up losing to Squirtle after a tough battle.

Flygon's known moves are DragonBreath, Flamethrower, Sandstorm, and Steel Wing.

Debut Rhapsody in Drew
Voice actors
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Bill Rogers
Drew's Absol
Absol made its debut in May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!. Drew used it in his Appeal Round in the next episode. Even though it made it through to the next round with its Flash, Water Pulse and its finisher, Razor Wind, Drew was still disappointed in it, feeling that Absol failed. Later May saw Drew yelling at Absol. It was because it was afraid to use its Razor Wind attack because it thought Drew would get hurt. Angered, May confronted him. Drew explained that he didn't feel that Absol was as dedicated to him as his other Pokémon were. After a talk with Ash later that night, Drew decided to use Absol in the contest alongside his Flygon in the double battle round. Later, they were to fight May and her Combusken and Squirtle. During the battle, Drew once again fully used Flash, as well as a combination of his Flygon's and Absol's moves, dubbed Dragon Razor Wind by Lilian. After a harsh battle, Absol and Combusken were left to fight alone. However, Combusken, after making full use of its newly-learned Overheat, had more points than Absol when the time ran out and May moved on to the finals.

Absol's known moves are Flash, Iron Tail, Razor Wind and Water Pulse.

Debut May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Bill Rogers
Drew's Butterfree
Even though it was only recently caught, Butterfree was shown to be already very powerful. It debuted in The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing. It was used in a double battle alongside his Roselia against May's Combusken and her Beautifly. Drew managed to defeat May.

Butterfree's knows moves such as Confusion, Gust, Psybeam and Protect.

Debut The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing
Voice actors
Japanese Tomoe Hanba
English Tomoe Hanba



He has also won 4 other ribbons.


One of Drew's ribbons from Kanto

He has also won at least five Kanto ribbons.

Grand Festival Ranking

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 斎賀みつき Mitsuki Saiga
English Pete Zarustica (4Kids dub)
Bill Rogers (TPCi dub)
Danish Mikkel Følsgaard
Dutch Sander van der Poel (Season 6)
Huub Dikstaal (Season 7-present)
Hebrew דור יצחק Dor Itskhak
Italian Massimo di Benetto
Polish Dariusz Błażejewski
Brazilian Portuguese Vagner Fagundes (AG033-AG035)
Thiago Longo (AG050-present)
Spanish Latin America Luis Fernando Orozco (AG033-AG035)
Irwin Daayán (AG050-present)
Spain Juan Antonio Soler (AG033-AG139)
Amparo Valencia (flashback; AG046)
Álvaro Navarro (AG162-present)


  • Except for his Masquerain, all of Drew's Pokémon have the same name in English as in Japanese.
  • Drew is the first (and so far, only) regular character to be from a movie only location.
  • Drew has two Pokémon whose names are derived from "masquerade".


Language Name Origin
Japanese シュウ Shū Can be from 秀 excel or surpass. May also be from 秋 shū (autumn), as opposed to the 春 haru (spring) in Haruka (May).
English, German, French Drew Rhymes with Shū.
Korean 수형 Suhyeong
Chinese (Mandarin) 小瞬 Xiǎo Shùn Sounds similar to Shū. May mean "small wink" or "small twinkling".
Chinese (Cantonese) 小瞬 Síu Seun Same as Mandarin name.

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