Drenched Bluff

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Drenched Bluff
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Drenched Bluff
Pokémon recruitable Yes
Floors 6
Item allowance 48
Money allowance Allowed
Team members 4
Starting level Current
Predominant type Water
Boss None
File:Drenched Bluff entrance.png
The entrance to Drenched Bluff
File:Drenched Bluff summit.png
The end of the dungeon, where Spoink's pearl is found.

Drenched Bluff (Japanese: しめったいわば Damp Rocky Stretch) is an unlockable dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. It has 7 floors. At the bottom there is a pearl needed to be given to Spoink for the player's first mission. It can be unlocked after joining the Wigglytuff Guild.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Level
345 Lileep 1-5, 6 3, 4
347 Anorith 1-5, 6 3, 4
422 Shellos West Sea 1-5, 6 4, 5
433 Chingling 3-5, 6 4, 5