Dream Park (Dream World area)

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Dream Park ゆめパーク
Dream Park
Default beginning November 20, 2012

The Dream Park (Japanese: ゆめパーク Dream Park) is an area of the Island of Dreams in the Pokémon Dream World. If the player tucks in a Normal Pokémon, the odds of this area being visited is increased.


Pokémon Level Availability Ability Featured moves Mini-games
015 Beedrill Lv. 10 After ?
Sniper A Fury Attack Normal  ???  ???
B Air Cutter Flying
C Fury Cutter Bug
023 Ekans Lv. 10 After ?
Unnerve A Poison Sting Poison Skip Across the Lake  ???
B Beat Up Dark
C Dark Pulse Dark
046 Paras Lv. 10 Default Damp A Stun Spore Grass Ice Cream Scoop Ice Cream Scoop
B Cross Poison Poison
C Synthesis Grass
048 Venonat Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Disable Normal  ???  ???
B Baton Pass Normal
C Skill Swap Psychic
088 Grimer Lv. 10 After ?
Poison Touch A Poison Gas Poison Ice Cream Scoop  ???
B Haze Ice
C Shadow Sneak Ghost
113 Chansey Lv. 10 After ?
Healer A Growl Normal N/A Collect Gems
B Counter Fighting
C Helping Hand Normal
127 Pinsir Lv. 10 After ?
Moxie A ViceGrip Normal Open the Treasure Box Skip Across the Lake
B Close Combat Fighting
C Me First Normal
133 Eevee Lv. 10 After ?
Anticipation A Sand-Attack Ground  ???  ???
B Charm Normal
C Swift Normal
143 Snorlax Lv. 10 After ?
Gluttony A Amnesia Psychic  ??? Blow Out Candles
Sky Race
B Fire Punch Fire
C Recycle Normal
175 Togepi Lv. 10 After ?
Super Luck A Metronome Normal Skip Across the Lake Skip Across the Lake
B Lucky Chant Normal
C Uproar Normal
190 Aipom Lv. 10 After ?
Skill Link A Scratch Normal Wailord's Water Spout Frozen Treat Sweep
B Fake Out Normal
C Fire Punch Fire
204 Pineco Lv. 10 After ?
Overcoat A Selfdestruct Normal  ???
Sky Race
Blow Out Candles
B Toxic Spikes Poison
C Gravity Psychic
214 Heracross Lv. 10 After ?
Moxie A Horn Attack Normal Sky Race Blow Out Candles
B Flail Normal
C Focus Punch Fighting
265 Wurmple Lv. 10 After ?
Run Away A Poison Sting Poison Wailord's Water Spout
Sky Race
Wailord's Water Spout
Sky Race
B Bug Bite Bug
C Snore Normal
273 Seedot Lv. 10 After Deafault
Pickpocket A Growth Normal Pokémon Seek  ???
B Bullet Seed Grass
C Foul Play Dark
285 Shroomish Lv. 10 After ?
Quick Feet A Stun Spore Grass Frozen Treat Sweep Frozen Treat Sweep
B Bullet Seed Grass
C Focus Punch Fighting
287 Slakoth Lv. 10 After ?
Truant A Yawn Normal Collect Gems Sky Race
B Night Slash Dark
C Sucker Punch Dark
290 Nincada Lv. 10 Default Run Away A Leech Life Bug Blow Out Candles Blow Out Candles
B Endure Normal
C Night Slash Dark
311 Plusle Lv. 10 After ?
Plus A Thunder Wave Electric Frozen Treat Sweep
Skip Across the Lake
Frozen Treat Sweep
B Discharge Electric
C Signal Beam Bug
312 Minun Lv. 10 Default Minus A Thunder Wave Electric  ???  ???
B Discharge Electric
C Signal Beam Bug
315 Roselia Lv. 10 After ?
Leaf Guard A Growth Normal Skip Across the Lake Collect Gems
B Sleep Powder Grass
C Swift Normal
316 Gulpin Lv. 10 Default Gluttony A Poison Gas Poison Pokémon Seek  ???
B Acid Armor Poison
C Giga Drain Grass
335 Zangoose Lv. 10 After ?
Toxic Boost A Quick Attack Normal Pokémon Seek  ???
B Double Hit Normal
C Low Kick Fighting
336 Seviper Lv. 10 After ?
Infiltrator A Bite Dark  ??? Pokémon Seek
B Body Slam Normal
C Aqua Tail Water
352 Kecleon Lv. 10 After ?
Color Change A Faint Attack Dark Skip Across the Lake Pokémon Seek
Ice Cream Scoop
B Skill Swap Psychic
C Reflect Type Normal
401 Kricketot Lv. 10 Default Run Away A Struggle Bug Bug Collect Gems Collect Gems
B Endeavor Normal
C Uproar Normal
415 Combee Lv. 10 After ?
Hustle A Gust Flying Pokémon Seek  ???
B Tailwind Flying
C Air Cutter Flying
420 Cherubi Lv. 10 Default Chlorophyll A Leech Seed Grass  ??? Wailord's Water Spout
B Heal Pulse Psychic
C Bullet Seed Grass
455 Carnivine Lv. 10 After ?
Levitate A Bite Dark  ??? Collect Gems
Wailord's Water Spout
B Rage Powder Bug
C Gastro Acid Poison
531 Audino Lv. 10 Default Klutz A Helping Hand Normal Pokémon Bistro  ???
B Encore Normal
C Yawn Normal
533 Gurdurr Lv. 10 After ?
Iron Fist A Low Kick Fighting Pokémon Bistro Pokémon Bistro
B Mach Punch Fighting
C Drain Punch Fighting
538 Throh Lv. 10 Default Mold Breaker A Bind Normal Open the Treasure Box N/A
B Ice Punch Ice
C Superpower Fighting
539 Sawk Lv. 10 Default Mold Breaker A Rock Smash Fighting Skip Across the Lake N/A
B Thunder Punch Electric
C Dual Chop Dragon
559 Scraggy Lv. 10 Default Intimidate A Low Kick Fighting Skip Across the Lake Skip Across the Lake
B Fake Out Normal
C Drain Punch Fighting
  • If the Pokémon is available by Default, the Pokémon is available upon unlocking the area.
  • The Abilities listed are the Abilities the Pokémon will obtain when obtained from Dream World.
  • The moves the Pokémon has when obtained will depend on the points gained after completing mini-games.
  • Genderless Pokémon will have the mini-games to be played to obtain them under both the male and female headers.


Item Availability
Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry Default
Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry Default
Clever Wing Clever Wing Default
Resist Wing Resist Wing Default
Pass Orb Pass Orb Default
Spelon Berry Spelon Berry Default
Nomel Berry Nomel Berry After ? Points
Honey Honey After ? Points
Repel Repel After ? Points
Max Repel Max Repel After ? Points
Health Wing Health Wing After ? Points
Muscle Wing Muscle Wing After ? Points
Genius Wing Genius Wing After ? Points
Swift Wing Swift Wing After ? Points
Shed Shell Shed Shell After ? Points
Rare Candy Rare Candy After ? Points
Lucky Egg Lucky Egg After ? Points
  • If the item is available by Default, the item
    is available upon unlocking the area.

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