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|ナンバ博士 ''Dr. Namba''
|ナンバ博士 ''Dr. Namba''
|Possibly from {{wp|Namba}} (also known as Minami) a district within Osaka, Japan.
|Possibly from {{wp|Namba}} (also known as Minami), a district within Osaka, Japan.
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|- style="background:#FFF;"

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Dr. Namba
ナンバ博士 Dr. Namba
Dr Namba.png
Dr. Namba.
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Scientist
Anime debut The Mystery is History
English voice actor Billy Beach
Japanese voice actor Ichirō Nagai

Dr. Namba (Japanese: ナンバ博士 Dr. Namba) is a scientist of Team Rocket.


He first appeared in the Lugia saga that comprised of The Mystery is History, A Parent Trapped! and A Promise is a Promise. He has since appeared in a number of episodes, giving Butch and Cassidy their mission briefings (though this was primarily as a vocal role, except for Oaknapped). Like Butch, people often get his name wrong. For example, Cassidy called him "Dr. Samba" in The Ole' Berate and Switch!. He also has a short temper.


Little is known about Namba. Because he does most of his work in a covert fashion, it is possible that Namba is a fugitive outlaw who uses unethical methods in his research. It can be speculated that since he does order scientists and agents within Team Rocket, he is either very knowledgeable about his field or that he has been with the group for a while, climbing the corporate ladder at Team Rocket. Also, in the Japanese version of his appearances on Pokémon Chronicles, Namba demands that Butch and Cassidy capture rare Pokémon for something he calls the 'R Project.'

Relationships with other members

Aside from the already mentioned fact of him ordering a cadre of scientists and agents, two notable agents that he orders are Butch and Cassidy.

Known research

  • Pokémon strength augmentation
  • Pokérus (Perhaps related to strength augmentation research)
  • Hippowdon's sand
  • Rage Crown (A device that attaches to a Pokémon's head and stimulates the areas of the brain involved in aggression, increasing its power and causing it to enter into a state of fury.)


Dr. Namba's Electabuzz
Dr. Namba's Electabuzz's only appearance was in A Promise is a Promise! where when Ash and his friends, including Ritchie and Oliver, were on the run in Team Rocket's underwater base, they discovered where Namba was keeping Silver and were going to get it free until Namba appeared and sent out Electabuzz.

It has a headgear on its head which makes it angry, thus making it more powerful. Electabuzz used an enraged ThunderPunch to try to faint Ash's Pikachu and Sparky, but they dodged it. Pikachu tried to use Thunderbolt on its headgear, but it blocked the headgear with Light Screen, and Namba starts to make Electabuzz even more angry with the controls he is holding. Pikachu and Sparky continue to fight until Sparky breaks the controls, also disabling the headgear. They finish Electabuzz off with a double Thunder attack, fainting it.

Electabuzz's known moves are ThunderPunch, Light Screen and Thunderbolt.

Debut A Promise is a Promise!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 永井一郎 Ichirō Nagai
English Billy Beach
European Spanish Luis Gaspar (EP220-EP222)
Roberto Cuenca Martínez (Pokémon Chronicles, DP065)
José Escobosa (AG176)


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナンバ博士 Dr. Namba Possibly from Namba (also known as Minami), a district within Osaka, Japan.
English Dr. Namba Same as Japanese name.
Chinese 南波博士 Dr. Nánbō From 南波 namba.

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