Dr. Gordon

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Dr. Gordon

Dr. Gordon (Japanese: ドクター・ゴードン Dr. Gordon) is a character of the day who appeared in Caterpie's Big Dilemma.

A scientist, Dr. Gordon lives near Saffron City with his student, Xander. The doctor's specialty is inventions, and his lab is filled with all of them. Among them, a machine that enables him to use Alakazam's Future Sight in order to predict the future, and a Machoke costume that allows him to run quickly.

One of his inventions, the Mystery Candy Complete, is something he accidentally created, and it caused a problem in the city where he lives. After Xander's Caterpie accidentally ate some, he began panicking, because he hadn't tested the candy yet. The little Pokémon immediately grew, and broke out of the lab.

Seeing this, Team Rocket decided to kidnap him so they could make him invent objects for them. Xander's Caterpie, meanwhile, had fully evolved to a Butterfree, which he and Ash used to save the doctor. After Butterfree shrunk back to its normal height, the doctor promised Officer Jenny that he wouldn't perform any experiments like that again.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 長島雄一 Yūichi Nagashima
English Wayne Grayson
Brazilian Portuguese César Marchetti
European Spanish Miguel Ayones

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