Dr. Fuji (anime)

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Dr. Fuji
フジ博士 Dr. Fuji
"We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon... and we succeeded."
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown (higly possibly Lavender Town or one in the Hoenn region**)
Region Unknown (higly possible Kanto or Hoenn**
Relatives Amber (daughter)
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Scientist

Dr. Fuji (Japanese: フジ博士 Dr. Fuji, Fuji-Hasake is also seen) is a fictional character in the first Pokémon film, Mewtwo Strikes Back. He is also featured in Birth of Mewtwo.


After his daugher Amber died, he devoted his life to trying to bring her back through cloning. His wife was fed up with his obsession and left him, and still he worked.

Eventually, his studies gained the attention of Giovanni, who said he would fund Fuji's project if Fuji also cloned the legendary Pokémon, Mew. This resulted in Mewtwo, who blew up the lab shortly after gaining sentience, killing everyone therein (including Fuji).

Arsenal and abilities

He is in charge of a team of scientists. Whether they were his team before he was hired by the Rockets, or if they were provided by Team Rocket remains to be seen. Given their shared fate, we're unlikely to find out.



Possibly from Mt. Fuji, or Mr. Fuji from the video games; likely the same Dr. Fuji who created the research lab on Cinnabar in the video games.

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