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Dorian (Japanese: リュウジ Ryūji) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime. He appeared in Just Add Water.

Dorian is a Water-type Pokémon Trainer who runs the unofficial Coastline Gym near a beach south of Blackthorn City. Dorian puts on synchronized swimming shows with his Pokémon because he's a big fan of The Sensational Sisters - Daisy, Violet, and Lily. Misty in particular was enraged by Dorian's statement that Lily was prettier than she was. Dorian defeated Ash in a battle, but Dorian later respected Misty after she showed off her Psyduck's powerful Confusion attack.

Dorian's Gym battles take place underwater, with Trainers using scuba diving gear to remain with their Pokémon.


This listing is of Dorian's known Pokémon in the anime:

Dorian's Qwilfish
Qwilfish is Dorian's main Pokémon. He used it against Misty's Goldeen and won despite Goldeen being faster than Qwilfish.

Qwilfish's known moves are Tackle, Pin Missile, and Take Down.

Debut Just Add Water
Dorian's Mantine
Mantine is another Water Pokémon seen with Dorian. He first used it when Team Rocket came by and stole some Pokémon. Mantine was able to take them out with BubbleBeam. It was used later to battle Misty's Corsola and lost.

Mantine's known moves are Tackle, Agility, Supersonic, BubbleBeam and Wing Attack.

Debut Just Add Water
Dorian's Lanturn
Lanturn was first called out by Dorian when Team Rocket came by and tried to steal some Pokémon. Later, he used it against Ash's Totodile and won.

Lanturn's known moves are Water Gun, Take Down, Supersonic and Spark.

Debut Just Add Water

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 遠近孝一 Kōichi Tōchika
European Portuguese Pedro Carneiro
European Spanish Álex Saudinós

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