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The Dokokashira door glitch (Japanese: どこかしらドアバグ Dokokashira door bug) is a glitch in Generation I, which only exists in the Japanese Pokémon Red and Green. It was first documented on the Japanese Pokémon glitch website Pokemonbug.

It is similar to tweaking and the surf glitch in Generation IV. It can be used to enter the Hall of Fame without battling the Elite Four or the Champion.


The Dokokashira door glitch takes advantage of the fact that in Pokémon Red and Green, the player is able to switch the slots of items as well as Pokémon. However, an oversight of this feature was that if the player were to press the Select button on the items screen and then attempt to switch one of his or her Pokémon, he or she would arguably be switching a Pokémon with an item.

When the player attempts to switch an item with a Pokémon, this is essentially like switching information about other data in the game, such as what kinds of items the player has, or the map location of the player. The game will take an item to be the information about one of the "Pokémon" past the sixth slot (or data after the amount of Pokémon that the player currently has in the party).

When the player switches Oak's Parcel as the second item in his or her Bag with his or her first Pokémon, this will 'shuffle' several bytes within the game. Some of these effects are undesirable, such as slight graphical errors on the main map interface; however, one of the more useful effects will ensure that the warp location of the next door the player walks through is relevant to the amount of extra steps he or she takes, with the warp location changing every extra four steps.

Path calculation

An equation from Glitch City Laboratories allows calculation of the map location the player will appear after walking through the doors affected by this glitch.

It is: Warp ID= k-(steps/4), where "Warp ID" is the map identifier that the player is warped to, "steps" are the amount of steps walked by the player and where "k" is a constant, depending on the player's map location.

There are certain entrances which don't warp the player. If the player enters or exits one of these locations, the amount of "steps walked" will be reset to 0 and the map constant is refreshed. This equation is not applicable if the right side of the equation falls below zero.


Below is an incomplete list of constants (k), used in the path calculation equation above.

  • Pallet Town: 39 (reset "steps taken" to 0 and refresh map constant via the start of Route 1, player's house and Professor Oak's Lab)
  • Celadon City: 122 (reset "steps taken" to 0 and refresh map constant via the Pokémon Center and Celadon Condominiums.

Method (Pokémon Green)

From a new game, the player obtains at least two items, with Oak's Parcel in the second 'slot'. The bag should then be opened and the player should press the Select button on Oak's Parcel, then select 'Cancel' twice. This will cause the cursor to stay white. A wild battle should be initiated and then the player should open the Pokémon menu and select the first Pokémon, swapping it with a 'M (FF). The player should open the fight menu, to prevent the game from managing as if there are no Pokémon on the field when the battle ends and then run away from or win. The glitch has now been triggered. From here, many players have created methods to warp to certain places.

Hall of Fame warp

To warp to the Hall of Fame, players must complete the above method, then follow this method. From the spot the wild Pokémon was battled, the player should take around 83 steps, landing the last step on the door of Blue's house in Pallet Town. The player will warp to Route 7, from where the player should walk to Celadon City, enter the Pokémon Center, immediately exit it, then enter the Celadon Department Store through the right entrance in the most linear way possible. The player will warp to Lance's room, where the player should proceed through the back door. The player should then walk past Blue, into the next room. The player will now be in the Hall of Fame, which counts as the player defeating the Pokémon League and will display the credits. Alternatively, entering the Celadon Condominiums building instead of the Pokémon Center will warp the player right to the Hall of Fame room after entering the Celadon Department Store, although with glitchy graphics.

By ChickasaurusGL
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Unused map 1 warp

An alternative version of the Route 6 entrance to Underground Path, with a default music theme of Vermilion City, instead of its final Pewter City theme. By traveling 83-87 steps after activating the glitch in Route 1 and landing the final step on the door of Blue's house, the player will now be in Route 7. Then the player should walk to either the Celadon City Pokémon Center, or the Celadon Condominiums building and immediately walk out and travel an additional 188-191 steps, landing the final step in the right-most entrance of the Celadon Department Store.

By ChickasaurusGL
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Name origin

The English name of this glitch stems directly from the Japanese name. "Dokokashira" is a transliteration of the Japanese word "どこかしら", which literally means "Where is it". The rest of the name is simply a translation of the Japanese name. The Japanese name is based on the fact that the player is caused to warp around to seemingly random positions after walking through the door into Blue's house, which can cause the player to become lost and may make some Japanese players exclaim "どこかしら".

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