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Dock (Japanese: ツガ Tsuga), a character in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, plays a minor role in the player's story progression. Prior to the player arriving in Slateport City, he or she is told by Mr. Stone's assistant to deliver a package to Captain Stern in Slateport. However, Stern is inaccessible until the player talks to Dock. After doing that, the Team AquaSE/MagmaR grunts, previously preventing the player from entering the Oceanic Museum (where Captain Stern is), are not longer blocking it off. From that point, the player can advance farther in the game.

Much later in the storyline, Mr. Briney decides to help with the work on the ferry, and Dock notifies the player when he or she talks to him.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Dock (called Tuga in the Chuang Yi translation) was taken hostage by Team Magma in order to make Captain Stern give information on the Submarine Explorer 1 project. He suffered several injuries from Mack's Pokémon.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ツガ Tsuga Tsuga, Japanese hemlock. It is also similar to 津 tsu, port.
English Dock / Tuga* From dock. / From the Japanese name.
French Archibald
German Bootmar From Boot, boat.
Italian Timon From timone, helm.
Spanish Muéllez From muelle, pier.

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