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Distortion World やぶれたせかい
Torn World
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Distortion World.png
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Location: Alternate dimension
Region: None
Generations: IV
Location of Distortion World in Sinnoh.
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The Distortion World (Japanese: やぶれたせかい Torn World) is the name given to an alternate dimension in Pokémon Platinum, and the true home of the legendary Pokémon Giratina.

The Distortion World is first accessed when reaching Spear Pillar, the summit of Mt. Coronet, to stop Team Galactic's plot to control Dialga and Palkia. When the lake guardians are unable to handle both of them, Giratina comes and swoops on Cyrus to stop him from destroying both worlds. After Cyrus is taken away by Giratina, the player must follow him, and, with the help of Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie and Cynthia, navigate the area.

More of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo DS are utilized in the Distortion World than elsewhere in Sinnoh, with the strange physics of the world altered to a point where the player is able to walk on ceilings and Surf on water that is at right angles with the norm, creating an effect similar to the art of M. C. Escher.

When in the Distortion World, Giratina will be in its true form, the Origin Forme. The Griseous Orb, found here, can be used to make Giratina assume this form outside of the Distortion World, where it would normally be in its Altered Forme.

During the first visit to the Distortion World, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie will guide the player, helping in the Strength puzzle.


File:Torn world.gif
Exploring the Distortion World

The Distortion World is said to be another universe or world parallel to the Pokémon world. Two known gateways to it exist: one at the top of Mt. Coronet on Spear Pillar, and another in Turnback Cave.

It is a dark place with platforms floating at many different angles. The world disobeys the normal laws of physics: time does not flow and spatial relations are irregular, allowing the player to walk and surf on walls in any direction. Trees and rocks can simply grow out of the ground, and then disappear. The only Pokémon known to inhabit the Distortion World is Giratina.

The world's rust-colored landmass is separated into tiny islands. Trees are spiky and incredibly tall, much like giant kelp. Beneath the floating land, there is a spinning whirlpool of spacial clouds.

Cynthia and Cyrus theorize that this world was created by Giratina as a balance for the real world.


Item Location Games



  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Morning Day Night
487O Giratina
Origin Forme
D P Pt
Premier Ball Only one
47 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


In the anime

Reverse World.png
Main article: Reverse World

The Reverse World is the anime counterpart to the Distortion World.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

The Distortion World in Pokémon Adventures

The Distortion World makes its first appearance at the Spear Pillar when Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic forces Dialga and Palkia to fight each other, causing a black hole to appear in the sky. Cyrus incorrectly assumes it is the new world that he had intended to create by having the two dragons fight each other but was later corrected by Charon.

After Cyrus is defeated by Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Charon spies on the heroes as they leave to go take their fallen enemies and Cyrus to the hospital. The machine he is holding is taken by the Gym Leader Byron who accidentally puts it under the hole in sky. This causes a reaction, and a several black tentacles shoot out from the hole and pull Dialga, Palkia, and the unconscious Cyrus into it. A large, serpentine Pokémon then glances at the Pokédex holders before leaving and the hole closing behind it.

Later, it is revealed the bodyguards of Platinum, Paka and Uji, were transported to another dimension by Saturn; Platinum assumes that the location they were transported to was the Distortion World and sets out to find information about it so she can rescue them. The Platinum chapter involves Platinum and her ally, International Police member Looker, going to the Battle Frontier to gather information about it.


The Journal entry after defeating Cyrus in the Distortion World
  • After defeating Cyrus in the Distortion World, the Journal reads "Met Distortion World's Cyrus!"
  • Although time is said to not flow here, events affected by time, such as Eevee's evolution to Espeon or Umbreon, still occur.
    • Also despite the lack of flowing time, the game clock counting total gameplay time will still add time spent here.
  • In interviews Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru did for G4, it was revealed that Giratina and the Distortion World are personifications of antimatter. The Distortion World's antimatter affects the real world's matter and vice versa, though they mentioned that antimatter is more fragile than real matter.
  • The Distortion World was the only place in which a Pokémon that has used Transform could assume Giratina's Origin Forme in Generation IV. As no Pokémon besides Giratina could hold the Griseous Orb, all Pokémon that Transformed into an Origin Forme Giratina would immediately become Altered Forme outside of this area.
  • Battling Giratina in the Distortion World is the only instance where the battle scene does not include a platform graphic underneath the Pokémon (a minor feature introduced in Generation III).
  • In the Distortion World the player is able to go down a Waterfall despite not yet obtaining the correct HM. This is possibly due to the fact that gravity is not normal in this world, therefore, no extra effort is needed by the Pokémon to climb the waterfall.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 破格的世界 Pògé-de Shìjiè (anime)
崩潰的世界 Bēngkuì-de Shìjiè (DPA)
France Flag.png French Monde Distorsion
Germany Flag.png German Zerrwelt
Italy Flag.png Italian Mondo Distorto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mundo Distorsión

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