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{{main|List of rounds in the seventh chapter of Pokémon Adventures}}
{{main|List of rounds in the seventh chapter of Pokémon Adventures}}
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[[de:Diamond und Pearl Arc]]
[[de:Diamond und Pearl Arc]]

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Emerald chapter
Pokémon Adventures
Platinum chapter
Diamond & Pearl chapter
Chapter 7
Pokemon Special Diamond and Pearl.png
The Sinnoh Pokédex holders, their starters, and Professor Rowan
Rounds 87*
(PS338 - PS412)
Region Sinnoh
Preceded by Emerald chapter
Followed by Platinum chapter

Diamond & Pearl is the seventh chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.

The chapter follows the adventures of Diamond, Pearl, and Lady Platinum Berlitz as they travel through Sinnoh towards Mt. Coronet. The aim of the journey is for Platinum to fulfill a family tradition by using a material from the mountain's summit to create an accessory bearing the Berlitz family crest. However, a misunderstanding leads her bodyguards to be switched with Diamond and Pearl, who think they are in a reality TV show with Platinum as a tour guide.

The journey is made difficult as the group get detoured by Team Galactic numerous times which in turn causes Team Galactic to get irritated by them. During their travels, Diamond and Pearl frequently practice their manzai comedy routine while Platinum decides to test her skills by challenging Gym Leaders and Contests.



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