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デクシオ Dexio
Battle model from Sun and Moon
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Kalos
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation VI, VII
Games X and Y, Sun and Moon

Dexio (Japanese: デクシオ Dexio) is one of Professor Sycamore's assistants who often appears with another assistant, Sina. He specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon.

In the games

In X and Y

Dexio and Sina are first met by the player in Route 4 where they discuss about Flabébé and the Fairy type. Dexio then introduces himself as a Pokémon-voyage veteran who received his Pokédex from Professor Sycamore two years beforehand. In the gate to Lumiose City, Dexio tells the player about friendship and gives the player TM27 (Return). After arriving at Lumiose City, Dexio tells the player to follow Sina to Professor Sycamore's lab.

Further on, he and Sina give the player the Coastal Kalos Pokédex at Route 8 and the Mountain Dex at Route 13.

The duo are soon met again at the Kalos Power Plant, disguised as the defenders of Kalos. They arrive to stop Team Flare, but by the time they get there, the player has already driven the villains away. They thank the player for their help and offers their assistance before taking off. Dexio is met alongside Professor Sycamore when the player reaches Dendemille Town to discuss the legend of XerneasX/YveltalY. The player meets them again in their disguises in Lysandre Labs, where they ask if the player has seen a man as tall as a stretched-out Seviper that Team Flare has been searching for. There, they pretend that they have never met the player and warns them to be safe when fighting against Team Flare.

After Lysandre is defeated in the Team Flare Secret HQ, the masked Dexio and Sina thanks the player for their victory. Tierno reveals that he and Trevor teamed up with Dexio and Sina to free the Pokémon Team Flare tied to the stones on Route 10 to power their ultimate weapon. When Tierno states their names, Sina denies their true identities. Dexio also reveals that he and Sina destroyed the machine Lysandre used to spy on peoples' Holo Casters.

After the player has become Champion, Dexio is seen with Sina in the parade Professor Sycamore made for the player and their friends.


Route 4
"Hello there! Have you ever heard of a Pokémon called Flabébé?"
If Flabébé is marked in the player's Pokédex as "seen": "Oh! I see. It's registered in your Pokédex! That's what I would expect from one of the professor's handpicked Pokémon Trainers!"
If Flabébé is marked in the player's Pokédex as "unseen": "So, you haven't seen one yet... Well, that's something you can look forward to!"
"Fairy type is a Pokémon type that was just classified recently."
"I'm Dexio. Two years ago, Professor Sycamore entrusted me with a Pokédex. You could call me a Pokémon-voyage veteran."
Lumiose City - Route 4 Gate
"So, how are you and <lead Pokémon> getting along? The more you walk around with your Pokémon, the stronger your friendship will become."
"Here! This is the TM for Return. This is a move that gets more powerful when your friendship with the Pokémon using it is strong."
Lumiose City
"Follow her that way to the lab!"
Route 8
"Stop right there!"
"Ah ha ha! We didn't mean to surprise you. How are you and <lead Pokémon> doing?"
"Well, it can't! That's why we are here to power up your Pokédex!"
"The Coastal Kalos Pokédex will be on your Pokédex menu, so tap it to select it!"
Route 13 - Coumarine City Gate
"Ha! Just kidding, Trainer! We weren't really waiting for you. We were on our way to the Power Plant at Professor Sycamore's request. But the gate connecting Lumiose City to Route 13 has been shut by a mysterious power outage. We have to investigate."
"I'm just going to give you the answer. It's Mountain Kalos. So I'm going to take this opportunity and power up your Pokédex again."
"The Mountain Kalos Pokédex has been added to your Pokédex menu. Just tap it to check it out, OK?"
Power Plant
"You and your Pokémon are the ultimate team! No doubt about it! But don't push yourself too hard. Here. Take these."
"Thanks to you, the power is back on in Lumiose City. Now people can pass through the gate connecting Route 13 to Lumiose City again."
Dendemille Town
"Why, hello, <player>! How have you been?"
"Um... Professor..."
"Wherever do you think a Pokémon that amazing could be now?"
"It would be absolutely amazing if you found it, <player>. Maybe I'll look into the legend a little bit. If I find something, I'll let you know!"
Lysandre Labs
"We're looking for a really tall guy...And I mean tall. If you stretched out a Seviper and stood it up, he'd be that tall. We received some intelligence that Team Flare is also trying to find him for some reason."
"Uh... Anyway...We came here--at a certain professor's request--to stop Team Flare! I assume your goal is the same? Don't do anything reckless, OK?"
  • If talked to afterwards
"The professor's feeling pretty down, but he's using his network of acquaintances to try to stop Team Flare's plan."
Geosenge Town
"Don't worry about it, Tierno. We were all doing the best we could to stop Team Flare's plans."
"Oh, we have a little bit of news for you all. We managed to destroy the machine in Lysandre's lab that was spying on people's Holo Caster transmissions."

In Sun and Moon

The player first meets Dexio alongside Sina during their first visit to Heahea City. Upon discovering that the player has a Z-Ring, heS/SinaM battles the player. After the battle, Dexio gives the player a Zygarde Cube, and the two of them task the player with finding the Zygarde Cells and Cores scattered across Alola.

The player later meets the duo in an Aether Foundation Labratory on Route 16, where they explain how to use the Zygarde Core to create a Zygarde to add to their team.

After becoming the first Champion of the Alola League, Dexio and Sina meet the player again at Ancient Poni Path. Dexio begins to mention Mega Evolution, and battles the player to demonstrate it, using his Mega Ring to Mega Evolve his Alakazam. After defeating him, Dexio and Sina explain Key Stones and Mega Stones to the player, and give them a Key Stone of their own, suggesting that they attach it to the opposite end of their Z-Ring. Dexio also gives the player Alakazam's Mega Stone, Alakazite.

Dexio appears as a possible opponent and partner in the Battle Tree.


Pokémon Sun

Heahea City
"Stop right there!"
"Ah ha ha! We didn't mean mean to suprise you. You must be doing your island challenge."
"I'm Dexio."
"We're here seeing the sights in Alola."
"It's unique tradition of island challenge... It's pretty fascinating, I've got to say."
"And why should we do that?"
"Though I might as well test my skills."
"Is that all right with you?"
  • Before battle
Yes: "Then I'll let my partners go wild!"
  • Being Defeated
"Alola Trainers have a different charm than those in Kalos"
  • After being defeated
"That's what I would expect from a Trainer doing the island challenge."
"I felt the bond between you and your Pokémon!"
"I feel like I've been able to have a glimpse of the island challenge!"
"Let me heal your Pokémon as thanks!"
"You and your Pokémon are the ultimate team! No doubt about it!"
"This battle reminded me of us in the past...and that group of five young trainers."
"I've made up my mind! I'll entrust this important item to you!"


First possible battle

Second possible battle



XY Dexio.png
Model from
X and Y

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Dexio in Pokémon Adventures

Dexio debuts in the X & Y chapter. He, along with Sina, is first seen when Professor Sycamore asked them to make a copy of the footage of Vaniville Town's destruction so that Lysandre may study it.

Later, they are tasked with finding Professor Sycamore's missing Charmander, which had escaped from his lab. They find Charmander in the custody of X's friends, who they mistake for having stolen it. Wearing disguises, Dexio and Sina reveal themselves and immediately take Charmander away from X's group. Angered, Tierno uses his Roller Skates in conjunction with his dancing skills to quickly take Charmander back. After Tierno explains that they were returning Charmander to its owner, Dexio and Sina excuse themselves and leave.

After Sycamore learns that Lysandre is the leader of Team Flare, he has Dexio and Sina spy on Lysandre Café. Later, Dexio and Sina manage to defeat a disguised Team Flare Grunt and interrogate him for information. They report to Professor Sycamore that Team Flare went into hiding at the Pokémon Village.


Language Name Origin
Japanese デクシオ Dexio From δεξιός dexiós, Greek for right
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Dexio Same as Japanese name
Korean 덱시오 Dexio Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 德克希歐 Dékèxī'ōu Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 德克希歐 Dākhāakhēi'āu Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Дексио Deksio Transcription of English name

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