Dewgong (Cerulean Gym)

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ジュゴン Jugon
Poké Ball
Cerulean Gym's Dewgong
Debuts in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
Caught at Kanto
Evolves in The Misty Mermaid
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location At Cerulean Gym
Seel Dewgong
This Pokémon spent 54 episodes as Seel.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Seel  ??? Michael Haigney
As Dewgong  ??? Michael Haigney

Dewgong (Japanese: ジュゴン Jugon) is a Pokémon that makes its home at the Cerulean Gym. Its English voice actor is Michael Haigney.

Dewgong first appeared as a Seel in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City. It was most likely not used by Misty's sisters in battle because they claimed they had no battling Pokémon when Ash challenged them for a badge. It held the badge on it's toung in this eppisode.

Seel appeared next in The Misty Mermaid. During a battle with Team Rocket, Seel evolved and was able to send them blasting off. Misty's sisters were surprised by Seel's strength in battle, not knowing how powerful it was until that point.

Since then, it has made several cameo appearances in Pokémon Chronicles episodes that feature Misty.

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