Devon Corporation

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File:Devon - Building.jpg
The Devon Corporation's Building.

Devon Corporation (Japanese: デボンコーポレーション) is a large company that is based in Rustboro City. Most of the locals just shorten the name to "Devon". It was a small company many years ago, but has grown by leaps and bounds. The Devon Corporations' headquarters is in a large stone building in the northern section of town.

Devon makes may useful products, many of them geared towards Pokémon training and is responsible for creating the new types of Poké Balls chiefly only found in Hoenn.

The Devon Corporation also developed a process to revive Pokémon from fossils. It can be assumed that this process developed independently of the one at Cinnabar Island's Labs.

The president of the Devon Corporation is Mr. Stone.


Pokémon Producer

File:Devon - Pokémon Producer (Closer).jpg
The amazing Pokémon Producer Machine.

This machine allows to bring a extinct Pokémon to life. It has 5 capsules that are filled with an orange liquid called Creation Fluid. The operation is put a Pokémon fossil inside the fluid, the machine extract it's data and then it is annalized in a high-power super computer. The result is a blueprint for the organism and from this blueprint the corporation grows a regenerated Pokémon.

In the anime Mr.Stone said that it still in progress but in the games it's working, so it's a released invention.

The operation system of the Pokémon Producer Machine.

Released Inventions

Inventions in Progress

File:Devon - Pokémon Dreams Projector.jpg
Pokémon Dream Projector. Makes a visual projection of Pokémon dreams.
File:Devon - Pokémon Tansformator.jpg
Pokémon Transformator. Allows you to became a Pokémon.
File:Devon - Pokémon Speaker.jpg
Pokémon Speaker. Allows you to speak with Pokémon.