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Devon Corporation デボンコーポレーション
Devon Corporation
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Rustboro City
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
File:Rustboro City map.png
Location of Devon Corporation in Hoenn.
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Devon Corporation (Japanese: デボンコーポレーション Devon Corporation) is a large company that is based in Rustboro City. Most of the locals just shorten the name to "Devon". It was a small company many years ago, but has grown by leaps and bounds. It has grown to be the Hoenn equivalent to Kanto's Silph Co. The Devon Corporation is headquartered in a large stone building in the northern section of town.

Devon makes many useful products, many of them geared towards Pokémon training. The company is responsible for creating the new types of Poké Balls chiefly found in Hoenn.

The Devon Corporation also developed a process to revive Pokémon from fossils. It can be assumed that this process developed independently of the one at Cinnabar Island's Labs and the one done in the Sinnoh region.

The president of the Devon Corporation is Mr. Stone. Both Mr. Stone and Devon were first seen in the anime in Stairway to Devon.

"For all your living needs,we make
it all"


Pokémon Producer

The amazing Pokémon Producer Machine

This machine allows to bring a extinct Pokémon to life. It has 5 capsules that are filled with an orange liquid called Creation Fluid. When a Pokémon fossil is put inside the fluid, the machine extracts its data, which is analyzed in a high-power supercomputer. The result is a blueprint for the Pokémon; from this blueprint, the corporation grows a regenerated Pokémon.

In the anime, it is still in progress, but in the games it is functional.

The operation system of the Pokémon Producer Machine

Released inventions

Inventions in progress

In the games

In the games, the player is first instructed to deliver the Letter to Steven, in Granite Cave, and delivering the Devon Goods to Captain Stern in Slateport City, as well as providing the player with a PokéNav. Later in the game, after the player has visited the Mirage Tower, they can bring the fossil they choseto the scientist on the second floor to get it revived into a real Pokémon. The fossil they did not choose could be obtained after defeating the Elite Four by visiting the Desert Underpass.


Version 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor
Ruby 200px 200px 200px


  • The Pokémon Transformer may be a reference to Bill's machine that turned him into a Pokémon.
  • In the anime, it is revealed in Dreams by the Yard Full! that Fennel's Munna's Dream Eater has the same effect as the Dream Visualiser Devon wanted to make in the anime. But as Munna is a Pokémon from Unova, Devon might not have known about the Pokémon.
  • Devon Corporation's anime headquarters bears a striking resemblance to Toronto City Hall.
  • Devon Corporation is named after the English county of Devon. The reason to adopt Devon seems to be related to Devonian.
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