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A desk is a type of item introduced in Generation III, debuting in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. In those games, desks can be used to decorate the player's secret base. They can be used to hold dolls or cushions. Every desk has a corresponding chair.

All desks can be bought in Fortree City, except for the Pretty Desk, which is made by the glass blower on Route 113 in exchange for 8000 ashes.

Small Desks

These two desks cannot hold any dolls or cushions:

Medium Desks

These three desks can hold three dolls or cushions:

  • HeavyDeskSprite.png Heavy Desk - PokémonDollar.png6000
  • RaggedDeskSprite.png Ragged Desk - PokémonDollar.png6000
  • ComfortDeskSprite.png Comfort Desk - PokémonDollar.png6000

Large Desks

These four desks can hold six dolls or cushions:

  • PrettyDeskSprite.png Pretty Desk - 8000 ashes
  • BrickDeskSprite.png Brick Desk - PokémonDollar.png9000
  • CampDeskSprite.png Camp Desk - PokémonDollar.png9000
  • HardDeskSprite.png Hard Desk - PokémonDollar.png9000

Generation V

Main article: Décor

In Generation V, desks make a return. However, they are used to customize the Pokémon Dream World, and can be bought from Berries.

In the anime

Pokémon Desk in the anime

A Pokémon Desk was one of the decorations seen in Keanu's secret base in A Three Team Scheme!. It was destroyed by Team Magma after they forcibly took the base from Team Rocket.

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