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The desert Backdrop

A desert (Japanese: さばく desert) is a type of arid environment in the Pokémon world. There is often a continuous sandstorm in deserts. They tend to have Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon, although Pokémon based on desert-dwelling organisms such as Cacnea may also be found. Deserts can be found in most post-Generation III regions of the Pokémon world. They are covered in sand and contain little to no water.

List of deserts

In Hoenn

Route 111

Route 111, a route in the Hoenn region, contains a section which is a harsh desert. There is a continuous sandstorm and the Go-Goggles are required to enter. This desert uses a special tile known as deep sand, instead of tall grass.

The Desert Ruins, the resting place of Regirock, is found at the southernmost point in the desert.

Two Fossils, the Root and Claw Fossils, can be found here. In Ruby and Sapphire, they lie in the sand, and one will sink in to be lost forever while the other will be able to be obtained by the player. In Emerald, instead the Fossils are in Mirage Tower, and whichever is not chosen there will be able to be found in the Desert Underpass after the Elite Four has been defeated.

In Sinnoh

Route 228 is a desert route in the Battle Zone in the Sinnoh region. It links Route 226 with Route 229. On this route, some of the highest-leveled wild Pokémon in Sinnoh can be found. There is a raging sandstorm here that will affect all battles. In Pokémon Platinum, the Rock Peak Ruins are present here. Wild Pokémon are found in tall grass and water.

In Unova

A large desert is located within the Unova region. The Desert Resort and Route 4 make up this desert, and contain the Relic Castle. Like Route 111, this desert uses a special tile known as deep sand, instead of tall grass. In Black and White,five Darmanitan with Zen Mode can be found in this desert.

In Orre


The largest known desert in the Pokémon world, this desert spans the majority of the Orre region, as well as overlapping into neighboring regions. The area of the desert located in Orre is so harsh that only a few Pokémon are known to be capable of surviving there.

In Almia

Haruba Desert is an area in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is located in a remote part of Almia. It links Haruba Village and Hippowdon Temple.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world

There are four major deserts in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world: Furnace Desert, the Desert Region, the Northern Desert and Shimmer Desert.

In the Johto Safari Zone

In the Johto Safari Zone, one selectable area is a desert.

As a Backdrop

In Generation IV, there is a Backdrop named "Desert", which can be used when dressing up Pokémon. It can be obtained as a default with the Fashion Case, as the 4th rank prize obtained from Jubilife TV's lotteryDP, from a woman on the first floor of the Global TerminalPt, and from a man in the Goldenrod Tunnel.HGSS

In the anime

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Mandarin Desert

A large desert exists on Mandarin Island South known as the Mandarin Desert.

The desert in Candid Camerupt is likely based on Route 111 because the Winstrate family, another aspect of Route 111, is found living there.

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