Deep-Sea Floor (Friend Area)

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Deep-Sea Floor

Deep-Sea Floor is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of only twelve Pokémon.



Like the name suggests, this area is located at the bottom of the sea. Its center looks like a crystal.

In-game data


Pokémon Location
138 Omanyte Stormy Sea B1F-B9F
Silver Trench B1F-B9F
Far-Off Sea B1F-B9F
Marvelous Sea B1F-B9F
Fantasy Strait B1F-B9F
139 Omastar Evolve Omanyte
140 Kabuto Silver Trench B5F-B13F
Grand Sea B5F-B13F
Fantasy Strait B5F-B13F
141 Kabutops Evolve Kabuto
170 Chinchou Silver Trench B70F-B79F
171 Lanturn Evolve Chinchou
345 Lileep Silver Trench B80F-B89F
346 Cradily Evolve Lileep
Silver Trench B90F-B98F
Team Constrictor B3F
366 Clamperl Silver Trench B65F-B79F
Far-Off Sea B65F-B75F
367 Huntail Evolve Clamperl
368 Gorebyss Evolve Clamperl
369 Relicanth Silver Trench B80F-B89F


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