Deep-Sea Floor (Friend Area)

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Deep-Sea Floor しんかいのそこ
Deep-Sea Bottom
Deep Sea Floor.png
Predominant type: Water
Capacity: 12
Method to obtain: Buy for 5,500 Poké
Friend Area

Deep-Sea Floor (Japanese: しんかいのそこ Deep-Sea Bottom) is a Friend Area. It has a capacity of only twelve Pokémon. It is available for 5,500 Poké from Wigglytuff in Pokémon Square.



Like the name suggests, this area is located at the bottom of the sea. Its center looks like a crystal.

In-game data

It is said there is an exquisitely beautiful spot at the bottom of this deep sea. The water is blue and eternally clear.


Pokémon Location
138 Omanyte Stormy Sea B1F-B9F
Silver Trench B1F-B9F
Far-off Sea B1F-B9F
Marvelous Sea B1F-B9F
Fantasy Strait B1F-B9F
139 Omastar Evolve Omanyte
140 Kabuto Silver Trench B5F-B13F
Grand Sea B5F-B13F
Fantasy Strait B5F-B13F
141 Kabutops Evolve Kabuto
170 Chinchou Silver Trench B70F-B79F
171 Lanturn Evolve Chinchou
345 Lileep Silver Trench B80F-B89F
346 Cradily Evolve Lileep
Silver Trench B90F-B98F
Team Constrictor B3F
366 Clamperl Silver Trench B65F-B79F
Far-off Sea B65F-B75F
367 Huntail Evolve Clamperl
368 Gorebyss Evolve Clamperl
369 Relicanth Silver Trench B80F-B89F

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