Dee Dunstan

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Dee Dunstan (right) and Rose (left).

Dee Dunstan is a character of the day from A Double Dilemma. His English name comes from the names of his English voice actor.

Dee Dunstan is a reporter who works in North Petalburg. Due to the town's fascination with Norman, he seems to be eager to report on anything relating to the Gym Leader. When May came through town with Ash, Brock and Max, Dunstan and the other residents of North Petalburg swarmed her. Ash tried to get noticed as well, but the town was much more interested in hearing from Norman's daughter.

Dunstan kept asking May various questions relating to her aspirations of becoming a Pokémon Coordinator, and was one of the people who pressured her into battling Ash. He also booed Ash whenever he got the upper hand against May.

He hasn't been seen since the gang left North Petalburg.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi
English Darren Dunstan
European Spanish Eduardo del Hoyo

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