Decrepit Lab (Friend Area)

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Decrepit Lab さびれたけんきゅうじょ
Decrepit Laboratory
Predominant type: Psychic
Capacity: 7
Method to obtain: Buy for 1,000 Poké
Friend Area

Decrepit Lab (Japanese: さびれたけんきゅうじょ Decrepit Laboratory) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought from Wigglytuff for 1,000 Poké. It has a capacity of seven Pokémon, with most of them having some sort of Psychic powers. This, coupled with the fact that it was built by humans, and how it has tanks and machinery similar to those from the first Pokémon movie on New Island, may lead some to believe that Mewtwo was created here.



Decrepit Lab is a bad conditioned, small laboratory with many complex panels, screens and computers. In the center is a large red button.

In-game data

An abandoned lab built by humans long ago. Left to fall into disrepair, it is now home to Pokémon.


Pokémon Location
063 Abra Buried Relic B10F, B20F, B30F
Wish Cave B38F-B42F
Solar Cave B1F-B8F
064 Kadabra Evolve Abra
Buried Relic B40F-B49F
Wish Cave B46F-B50F
Solar Cave B13F-B20F
065 Alakazam Evolve Kadabra
122 Mr. Mime Buried Relic B50F-B69F
Solar Cave B7F-B12F
132 Ditto Frosty Forest 4F-9F
Fiery Field 10F, 20F
Buried Relic B16F-B24F, B26F-34F
Wish Cave B53F-B64F
Joyous Tower 53F-64F
Oddity Cave B1F-B15F
137 Porygon Buried Relic B5F-B10F (Red)
233 Porygon2 Evolve Porygon (Red)
Buried Relic B10F-B14F, B16F-B18F (Blue)
Wish Cave B79F-B84F (Blue)
Joyous Tower 80F-84F (Blue)

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