Decolore Islands

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Decolore Islands デコロラ諸島
Decolora Archipelago
Introduction Pokémon anime
Professor Unknown
Starter Pokémon Unknown
Regional Villains Team Rocket
Pokémon League {{{league}}}
League Location Somewhere between Unova and Kanto
Pokédex List {{{pokelist}}}
Series Best Wishes
Season(s) Adventures in Unova and Beyond (16)
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The Decolore Islands (Japanese: デコロラ諸島 Decolora Archipelago) are a large chain of islands shown in the anime that is located between the Unova region and the Kanto region.

It is inhabited with Pokémon from the first five generations. In Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail For New Adventures!, Ash, Iris, and Cilan decide to visit it in order to travel together from Nuvema Town to Pallet Town.


Image Name Debut Areas and activities of interest
Honey Island.png Honey Island Danger, Sweet as Honey!
Scalchop Island.png Scalchop Island Crowning the Scalchop King! Scalchop King Competition
150px Mahora Island The Island of Illusions!
150px Mahora Islet The Island of Illusions!
150px Mutoro Island To Catch a Rotom!
First unnamed island BW129.png Unnamed island BW129
Second unnamed island BW129.png Unnamed island BW129
150px Watari Island BW130
150px Ōkina Island BW131
150px Minori Island BW134 Harvest Festival
Pokémon Sumo Tournament
150px Yashi Island BW135
Unnamed Island BW135.png Unnamed island BW135
Cave Island.png Cave Island BW136
Unnamed Island BW137.png Unnamed island BW137


  • This is the second archipelago region Ash has visited, the first being the Orange Archipelago. However, unlike the Orange Archipelago, there is currently no type of League known to exist in the Decolore Islands, and they do not have a regional Professor.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 杰可羅拉群島 Jiékěluólā Qúndǎo

Decolore Islands
Inhabited Islands
CapaciaCaveFrondGrand SpectralaHarvest
Deserted Islands
Deserted Island (BW135)Grand Spectrala Islet
Unnamed Islands
First unnamed island (BW129)Second unnamed island (BW129)
Unnamed island (BW137)Unnamed island (BW138)
Unnamed island (BW139)

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