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Card sleeves and back of an English language card

The deck (Japanese: デッキ deck; 山札(やまふだ) deck) contains the cards used by players of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. An official deck is either purchased or built with 60 cards, composed of Pokémon cards, Energy cards, and Trainer cards. The term Deck, however, is a general term that may mean a player Constructed Deck, Deck archetype, Half Deck, Preconstructed Deck (Theme Deck or Trainer kit), or World Championship Deck.


In Japanese, the word デッキ refers to a deck configuration (the set of cards found in a deck), while the word 山札(やまふだ) refers to the deck pile from which the cards are drawn (as in the phrases "shuffle the deck", "draw a card from the deck"). They are equally translated as "deck" in English.

Constructed Deck

See Deck list for examples
Xerneas Booster pack from the XY expansion

A Constructed Deck (also referred to as Full Deck) is a 60-card deck built by a player from that player's own Pokémon Trading Card Game collection. These decks often follow a certain Deck archetype in their design and structure. While there are many competing theories and strategies as to the best balance of card types (Pokémon, Energy, and Trainer) in a 60-card deck, a common theory for beginner players is: 2/5th Pokémon (24), 2/5th Trainers (24), 1/5th Energy (12).

Booster pack

Main article: Booster pack (TCG)

Booster packs are a typical means for players to acquire cards for directly building or for trading in order to build player Constructed Decks. Booster packs contain cards from a given Expansion (typically four expansions are released per year). Boosters also offer the chance to acquire stronger cards to strengthen a purchased Theme Deck or Trainer Kit, create new decks of cards, or customize old ones. Every booster pack contains cards of different Rarity levels. They are guaranteed to contain at least one Rare (Rare) card, with generally three Uncommon (Uncommon) cards and the remainder being Common (Common). Since the release of the Legendary Collection set, one reverse foil print of a common, uncommon, or rare card has also been included in every pack.

Deck archetype

Main article: Deck archetype (TCG)
Also see the Deck archetypes list.

A Deck archetype is a player Constructed Deck utilizing a set structure or theme (a certain Pokémon type and/or Energy type, specific Pokémon cards and/or Trainer cards, etc.). Various players often have slight differences between their own decks of the same archetype. These decks are a great way for players to gain inspiration and see how others have used cards that may be available in their own player collection.

Preconstructed Deck

See Theme Deck or Trainer kit below.

Half Deck

Main article: Half Deck (TCG)
Also see the TCG half decks list.

The Half Deck is popular among many Pokémon Trading Card Game players, particularly in Japan. In Half Deck play, both players use Preconstructed 30-card decks instead of a traditional 60-card one and lays out three Prize cards instead of six. Numerous official Half Decks have been released in Japan.

Yveltal themed Destruction Rush deck from the XY expansion

Theme Deck

Main article: Theme deck (TCG)
Also see the Theme Decks list and the Exclusive Online Theme Decks list.

A Theme Deck is a Preconstructed 60-card deck that is sold pre-packaged. Most Theme Decks are designed with a specific strategy (such as Special Conditions) or theme (such as first partner Pokémon) in mind. They tend not to be as strong as player Constructed Decks, but can otherwise be a sound introduction to the game for new players since they have all the cards necessary for a single player to begin playing immediately. Theme Decks are also a defined gameplay category in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Trainer Kit

Similar to Theme Decks, Trainer Kits, such as the Black & White Trainer Kit, come with two Preconstructed 30-card Half Decks, which may be combined to form one complete 60-card deck or can be built upon with a player's own cards to make two 60-card play decks. Trainer Kits also typically include game aids such as Booster packs, a rulebook, a double-player play mat, damage counters, Special Conditions, a Coin, and a deck box – almost everything a single player could need to begin playing immediately. In the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online's Trainer Challenge, special Theme Decks combining both Half Decks can be obtained by redeeming the codes from some of these Kits. The Current Trainer Kits include:

World Championship Deck

Main article: World Championships Deck (TCG)
Also see the World Championship Decks list.

Similar to Theme Decks, World Championship Decks are purchasable non-tournament-legal prints of 60-card decks used by World Championship players. Like browsing Deck archetype decks, these decks are a great way for players to gain inspiration and see how others have used cards that may be available in their own player collection. They also offer a quick and easy way for players to see what is like to play some of the top player Constructed Decks in the world.

In the video games

Main article: Deck (TCG GB)

In the video games Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, duelists use 60-card decks. The player may have up to 4 decks and save additional customized decks in the Deck Save Machine. Additional predefined deck configurations may be built with the Auto Deck Machines if the player has all the required cards. The decks are edited using the Deck option in the menu.

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