Dawn's Quilava

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Dawn's Quilava
ヒカリのマグマラシ Hikari's Magmarashi
Poké Ball
Dawn Quilava.png
Dawn's Quilava
Egg obtained in An Egg Scramble!
Hatches in An Egg Scramble!
Hatched at Sinnoh
Evolves in SS024
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dawn
Egg Cyndaquil Quilava
This Pokémon spent less than 1 episode in its Egg and between 49 and 135 episodes as Cyndaquil.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Cyndaquil Kiyotaka Furushima Kayzie Rogers
As Quilava Kiyotaka Furushima Bill Rogers

Dawn's Quilava (Japanese: ヒカリのマグマラシ Hikari's Magmarashi) is the seventh Pokémon obtained by Dawn.



As a Cyndaquil

In An Egg Scramble!, Dawn battled Lyra in the Johto Festival and defeated her. As a prize, Dawn was given an Egg, which was soon abducted by Team Rocket. While it was in Team Rocket's possession, it showed signs of hatching. When Dawn finally got it back, it hatched right in front of her eyes, revealing it to be a Cyndaquil.

It has a tendency to flare up its back when it's happy or when it's showing affection, which Dawn usually ends up getting caught in in the process.

Dawn's Piplup appears to be jealous over the attention that it gets, though this may be attributed to the fact that Cyndaquil wasn't very responsive to Piplup at first. Piplup often attacks it and it in turn fights back, causing frequent squabbles between the two. They seem to be trying to compete for superiority over the other. These fights have stopped in subsequent episodes.

In Gone With the Windworks!, it battled Ash's Grotle and proved to be a strong opponent even though it had just hatched.

In Dressed for Jess Success!, it showed its interest in Contests after watching Dawn practice with her Mamoswine by trying to mimic it with the flames on its back.

In Bagged Then Tagged!, it was used in Dawn's and Ash's Tag Battle against Lyra and Khoury. It was able to defeat Chikorita with a Flame Wheel combined with Ash's Monferno's Flamethrower.

In Double-Time Battle Training!, it was used in a Double Battle together with Dawn's Mamoswine. After using the "Flame Ice" combo, it failed to execute it all of the way and Zoey's Leafeon defeated it, along with Mamoswine with a Magical Leaf combined with Kirlia's Psychic.

As a Cyndaquil showing affection

Cyndaquil was used in the Daybreak Town Contest Double Battle Round alongside Mamoswine in Playing the Performance Encore!. Both of them managed to defeat Ursula's Plusle and Minun in the finals earning Dawn her fifth and final Ribbon.

In Last Call, First Round!, it was used in the Appeal Round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Together with Buneary, they made an excellent combination that put Dawn through to the next round. Later in Coming Full Festival Circle! it battled Jessie in the semi-finals along with Buneary and got Dawn to the finals.

As a Cyndaquil showing its rivalry with Piplup

In SS024, it was used in a battle against Johanna's Glameow and Umbreon, but when Piplup and Cyndaquil unleashed their Whirlpool-Flame Wheel combination; the battle was stopped due to them fighting. Cyndaquil then helped Dawn rescue a Piplup and a Chimchar that had escaped from Professor Rowan's lab from a group of Ariados. It became injured when it took a Poison Sting meant for Shinko. It was able to overcome its injury by evolving into Quilava. It was able to defeat the leader of the group, a Shiny Ariados, with its newly learned move, Eruption.


Dawn and Quilava

Quilava was introduced to Ash, Iris and Cilan's Pokémon in Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!. It brushed up to Ash, both saying hello and revealing to him that it had evolved. In Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!, it battled Ash's Pikachu. Quilava first hit Pikachu with Swift before dodging his Quick Attack and stopping Electro Ball with its newly revealed Flamethrower attack. Quilava then covered the field in SmokeScreen before stopping Pikachu's Iron Tail and landing a direct hit with Flamethrower. After their Flame Wheel and Quick Attack clashed in mid-air, Cynthia stopped the match.

Personality and characteristics

Since it was hatched as an Egg, Quilava instantly had a strong bond towards Dawn. This caused it to develop a rivalry with Dawn's Piplup often fighting with It for Dawn's attention. During the time Dawn spent in Unova it's rivalry with Piplup seems to have been subsided. Prior to its Contest debut, as shown in Dressed for Jess Success!, Quilava had developed a love for Contests often showing Dawn its own variations of the moves that she was practicing with her other Pokémon.

Moves used

Dawn Quilava Flame Wheel.png
Using Flame Wheel
Move First Used In
Flame Wheel  Gone With the Windworks!
SmokeScreen  Gone With the Windworks!
Swift  Gone With the Windworks!
Eruption SS024
Flamethrower  Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Cyndaquil using its Flame Wheel and Mamoswine using Ice Shard making a Flame-Ice Cuboid
  • Flamethrower Wheel Used in the Tag Battle with Khoury and Lyra and Ash and Dawn, It starts off with Cyndaquil running ahead and using Flame Wheel and while Cyndaquil somersaults into the Flame Wheel, Ash's Monferno uses Flamethrower towards Cyndaquil causing more flames to gather and a speed boost towards the target.
  • Flame Ice is a combination which was created by Mamoswine and Cyndaquil when they were training with Dawn in Double-Time Battle Training!. It involves Cyndaquil being trapped by Mamoswine's Ice Shard while it uses Flame Wheel.
  • Flame Wheel-Swift is a combination Cyndaquil developed while training with Dawn in Twinleaf Town. Cyndaquil would perform it by firing a ring of Swift into the air, then jumping into the center and charging Flame Wheel, causing the two moves to mix.
  • Flaming Whirlpool was a combination worked on by Dawn involving both Cyndaquil and Piplup. For the move, Piplup would surround Cyndaquil's Flame Wheel with a Whirlpool, which created the effect of a sphere of water with flames inside. Dawn attempted to use this during her second battle against her mother, however the combination failed throwing both Piplup and Cyndaquil to the ground.


Cyndaquil's Egg
  • Of all Pokémon Eggs owned by main characters, Quilava took the least amount of time to hatch, hatching in the same episode it was obtained in.
  • Quilava is the eighth Pokémon to follow the pattern of premiering in a movie and then being captured by one of the main characters. In all cases, the premiered Pokémon is not the same character as the one caught, just the same species. Dawn's Cyndaquil comes after Arceus and the Jewel of Life. This is only a technical premiere, as Cyndaquil was featured during the original Johto series as well.
  • Quilava is the only Pokémon belonging to a main character to have evolved in a side story episode so far.

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