Dawn's Buneary

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Dawn's Buneary
ヒカリのミミロル Hikari's Mimirol
Poké Ball
Dawn's Buneary
Debuts in Setting the World on its Buneary
Caught at Route 202
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dawn
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Buneary Tomoko Kawakami
Satsuki Yukino (temp.)
Sarah Natochenny

Dawn's Buneary (Japanese: ヒカリのミミロル Hikari's Mimirol) was the first Pokémon captured by Dawn, and her second Pokémon overall. Her Japanese voice actresses are 川上とも子 Tomoko Kawakami (DP009-DP100) and Satsuki Yukino (DP103-present). Her English voice actress is Sarah Natochenny.

Dawn was unsuccessful in capturing a Buneary in Two Degrees of Separation! and in Dawn of a New Era! before managing to capture one in Setting the World on its Buneary. Buneary developed a crush on Ash's Pikachu on the same episode.

Buneary helped Dawn win the Hearthome Collection in Arriving in Style!. She also helped Dawn win her first battle in the Wallace Cup and her appeal in DP095.

Buneary knows some powerful attacks and has often been able to hold its own in battle.

Moves used


Dawn and Buneary
  • While Buneary are unable to learn Ice Beam naturally, Dawn's Buneary was caught already knowing Ice Beam. This suggests that Dawn's Buneary may have once been owned by another trainer or one of its parents knew Ice Beam.
  • In a similar fashion to Misty's Corsola fascination in the Whirl Islands and Ash Ketchum fishing a Corphish a couple of episodes before catching his own, Dawn had wanted a Buneary for several episodes before catching it. This has been a recurring theme in female main characters. Like May's Beautifly, it was also Dawn's first capture.
  • Buneary, along with another Template:Type2 Pokémon, Ambipom, are Dawn's only Pokémon to have never disobeyed her at any point.
  • Buneary defeated a Phione in DP 113 which, if it is considered a legendary Pokemon, would make it only the third Pokemon owned by a cast member to defet a legendary Pokemon in battle.

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