Dawn's Buneary

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Dawn's Buneary
ヒカリのミミロル Hikari's Mimirol
Poké Ball
Dawn Buneary.png
Dawn's Buneary
Debuts in Setting the World on its Buneary
Caught at Route 202
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Dawn
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Buneary Tomoko Kawakami (DP009-DP100)
Satsuki Yukino (DP103-present)
Sarah Natochenny

Dawn's Buneary (Japanese: ヒカリのミミロル Hikari's Mimirol) was the first Pokémon captured by Dawn, and her second Pokémon overall.


Buneary's affection towards Pikachu

When Dawn first started on her journey, she ran into several Buneary but failed to catch any of them. However, one morning, this Buneary spotted Ash's Pikachu catching a potato that Brock's Croagunk have thrown and developed a crush on him. After a sequence of events that nearly got Pikachu run over, Dawn chased after Buneary, who then swiped Pikachu. After a while, Dawn finally found and caught her.

Buneary is used often in Dawn's Contests. She was first used in the battle round of the Jubilife Contest. She also helped Dawn win the Hearthome Collection in Arriving in Style!, her first battle in the Wallace Cup and her appeal in Battling the Generation Gap!. In Another One Gabites the Dust!, Buneary was used again in the appeal rounds of the Chocovine Town Contest. She managed to get Dawn to the battle round. In Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!, Buneary, along with Piplup, was used in the appeal rounds of the Daybreak Contest. They managed to get Dawn to the battle round.

File:Dawn Buneary vest.png
Buneary wearing a vest made by Johanna

Buneary began wearing a vest with a heart on it in The Bells are Singing!. She appears to be very proud of it and, for the most part, only takes it off for Contests and battles.

In Teaching The Student Teacher!, Dawn perfects a new combination move with the help of her Buneary and Pachirisu. Buneary used Ice Beam on Pachirisu and Pachirisu used Discharge to create a beautiful new Contest combination for the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

In Last Call, First Round!, Buneary was used in the Appeals Round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Together with Cyndaquil, they made an excellent combination called, "Flame Ice" that put Dawn through to the next round. Later in Coming Full Festival Circle!, it battled Jessie and got Dawn to the final match.

In Memories are Made of Bliss!, it was revealed that Buneary had been chosen by Hermione to be a model for a Poké Stylist magazine and as a result Dawn decided to remain in Sinnoh while Ash and Brock returned to Kanto.

Personality and characteristics

Buneary often displays traditional feminine personality traits similar to her Trainer. She enjoys dressing up in beautiful outfits and likes to show off in them, particularly to Pikachu. She is shown to be sensitive at times when ever Pikachu gets frustrated with her acts of affection in times that don't call for it.

Buneary appears to be a helpful Pokémon, as seen when she took off her vest to give to Pachirisu when the Electric-type Pokémon was sick from storing too much electricity. When around Pikachu, she gets flustered and hides her face in her wool. However, she is always cheering for Pikachu when he participates in a Gym battle and, when not being used herself, for Dawn during a Contest.

Buneary has shown time after time that she was meant to compete in Contests, using her moves in unique ways that make her more noticeable such as making an ice slide from Ice Beam as an appeal. Commonly she combines Ice Beam and spinning actions when preforming in a Contest.

Despite her size, Buneary is very powerful and was able to tire out Maylene's Meditite enough so that Ambipom could defeat it. Her Ice Beam, which appears to be her main attack, is powerful enough to freeze an entire lake.

Moves used

Dawn Buneary Bounce.png
Using Bounce
Move First Used In
Bounce Setting The World On Its Buneary!
Ice Beam Setting The World On Its Buneary!
Dizzy Punch Setting The World On Its Buneary!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Move improvised

  • Spin was first used in Wild in the Streets! with Piplup. Together with it, they battled Aerodactyl. Buneary spun around and used Ice Beam.
  • Ice Chandelier is a combination move which was created by Buneary and Pachirisu when they were training with Dawn in Teaching The Student Teacher!. It involves Buneary using an Ice Beam around Pachirisu trapping it in a ball of ice. Pachirisu then runs around in the ball while using Discharge. The end result is a chandelier of ice that glows in a beautiful blue hue.

In the manga

Dawn's Buneary in the manga

In the movie adaptations

Dawn's Buneary appears in the following manga adaptations of Pokémon movies: The Rise of Darkrai.

The Rise of Darkrai

She is shown when Dawn sends her Pokémon out to play with several other Pokémon.

In the TCG

Dawn's Buneary is featured in the TCG as a Pokémon Pokémon M. The following is a list of cards named Buneary Pokémon M.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Buneary M Colorless 33 - Movie Commemoration Random Pack (no English release) 019/022


Dawn and Buneary
  • For DP018, Professor Oak's lecture is about Dawn's Buneary. He writes this Pokémon senryū about it: ミミロルが みみをまるめて みみロール Mimiroru ga, mimi o marumete, mimi rōru "Mimirol, rolling up its ears, ear-roll."
  • Buneary is the first Pokémon belonging to a main character to be seen wearing clothing on a regular basis.
  • Buneary hasn't learned any new moves since Dawn captured her, similar to Brock's Croagunk.

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