Dawn's Ambipom

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Dawn's Ambipom
ヒカリのエテボース Hikari's Eteboth
Poké Ball
Dawn's Ambipom
Debuts in Slaking Kong
Caught at Indigo Plateau
Evolves in Journey to the Unknown!
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Traded in Throwing the Track Switch
Original Trainer Ash
Traded for Dawn's {{{tradedfor}}}
Current location With Dawn
Aipom Ambipom
This Pokémon spent 73 episodes as Aipom.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Aipom Miyako Itō
As Ambipom Chie Satō Emily Jenness

Originally an Aipom, Dawn's Ambipom (Japanese: ヒカリのエテボース Hikari's Eteboth) is the only Pokémon to be captured by Ash Ketchum in the Battle Frontier saga. Much later, she was traded to Dawn in exchange for Buizel. Her Japanese voice actress is 佐藤智恵 Chie Satō. As an Aipom, she was voiced by 伊東みやこ Miyako Itō in both English and Japanese. Her English voice actress as Ambipom is Emily Jenness.


With Ash

Aipom was first seen in Slaking Kong, worshiping a giant, mechanical Slaking. However, she also stole Ash's hat, much like Ash's Primeape did more than 400 episodes before. Aipom soon reappeared in May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!, stealing the hats of the participants before making off with Ash's hat again. In Channeling the Battle Zone, after watching May in the Grand Festival, Aipom became thrilled with battling and challenged Ash and his Pikachu for a battle; as he won, Ash finally captured her.

In Aipom and Circumstance, Aipom became jealous of Ash's Pikachu's closeness to Ash. Aipom also seems to have a certain penchant for headgear; aside from taking Ash's and other participants' hats, Aipom wore a daisy chain on her head and put on a ceremonial crown that the locals had trouble getting off. Aipom's gender was confirmed in the Japanese version of Aipom and Circumstance; while Aipom was nearby gathering flowers, May said, 「エイパムやっぱり女の子ね?」 Aipom is a girl after all, isn't she?. In DP048, Dawn also explicitly calls Aipom a girl, and in the dub of Steamboat Willies, both Aipom and Buneary are referred to as girls, confirming them to be female.

File:Ash aipom.jpg
As an Aipom, wearing a flower crown

Aipom enjoys participating in Pokémon Contests. Her interest was first perked in Thinning the Hoard where she took an interest in May's battle with Harley. Aipom also watched her battle with Drew before enticing Ash into catching her. In Mounting a Coordinator Assault, Aipom was entered into her first contest with Ash. They got through the Appeal Round but lost the first battle round to Zoey and her Glameow. In Borrowing on Bad Faith, Aipom entered an unofficial contest under the command of Jessie and won against Dawn's Pachirisu. Zoey suggested that Ash give Aipom to Dawn.

While Ash had Aipom, she usually sat on his left shoulder when outside of her Poké Ball, in contrast to Pikachu sitting on his right shoulder.

In order to bring back Torkoal to battle Brandon's Registeel, Ash sent Aipom to Professor Oak, where Aipom had quite a bit of trouble adjusting to the new environment and lack of Ash. However, after Ash's second defeat, Aipom returned.

When Ash left for Sinnoh, leaving all his Pokémon but Pikachu behind as he did when leaving for Hoenn, Aipom snuck aboard the boat he was traveling on to accompany him on his new journey. During her journey through Sinnoh, Aipom has defeated Paul's Chimchar in battle and helped Ash capture his Starly. Ash also used her in his first two Gym battles in the region.

Aipom put up a fight against Roark's Cranidos in Ash's first match, however, she lost. In their rematch she fought Geodude. She also fought in Ash's second Gym Battle as well, going against Gardenia's Roserade, which resulted in a victory, giving Ash his Forest Badge.

With Dawn

Dawn and Ambipom

In Throwing the Track Switch, Ash began the training for his next Gym battle in Veilstone City. However, Dawn's Buizel seemed to be more interested in Ash's battle training and thus couldn't set its mind on Dawn's training; meanwhile Ash's Aipom appeared to have a similar problem in Ash's training because it tended to be more interested in Dawn's Contest training. Then Zoey proposed that Ash and Dawn trade them. After some soul-searching, the trainers agreed, and the trade took place.

In Journey to the Unknown!, Aipom managed to learn Double Hit. Kenny appeared and told Dawn that Aipom would evolve soon. Later in the episode, when Dawn was being attacked by a group of Unown, Aipom jumped in front of Dawn to protect her and evolved into Ambipom.

In Team Shocker, Dawn used Ambipom in her appeal for the Solaceon Contest, but failed to pass the Appeal Round. Zoey explained to Dawn that she failed due to an overuse of Swift, blocking Ambipom from view.

In DP067, Dawn used Ambipom in her gym battle against Maylene. She defeated Maylene's Meditite, however she was defeated by Maylene's Lucario.

In DP077, Dawn once again used Ambipom for the appeal round in the Wallace Cup. She managed to pass the round by dazzling the judges with Swift, Focus Punch, and Double Hit.

Moves used

Italized moves have been used recently.


  • For DP014, Professor Oak's lecture is about Aipom. He writes this Pokémon senryū about her: エイパムが しっぽでつかむ サトシのハート Eipam, it seizes with its tail, Satoshi's heart.
  • Aipom is one of the few Pokémon on the show to have its gender explicitly stated via dialog multiple times, including the dub of Steamboat Willies.
  • Aipom is one of the few main characters' Pokémon to be traded, along with Jessie's Lickitung and Ash's Butterfree.
  • Aipom shares some similarites with another of Ash's primate Pokémon, Primeape. Both evolved while not owned by him - Primeape in the wild and Ambipom with Dawn. Both of these Pokémon have also annoyed Ash by stealing his hat.
  • Aipom is the fourth Pokémon to take Ash's hat, after the aforementioned Primeape, then Pikachu and Latias.
  • Aipom is one of only two Pokémon to defeat Brock's Croagunk, while under Ash's control. The other is Paul's Torterra.
  • Due to now being Dawn's Pokémon, Aipom is the only Pokémon owned by a main character that was introduced before the character.
  • Ambipom took as many episodes to evolve as another Pokémon that had a crush on Ash: Chikorita. They are both Generation II Pokémon as well, and they have very similar English and Japanese names.
  • Ambipom is the first, and at this stage only, of Dawn's Pokémon to evolve.
  • Ambipom is the second traded Pokémon in the anime to evolve, after James's second Weepinbell.
  • As of DP067, Ambipom has battled in all three gyms that have appeared so far in Sinnoh, despite being traded to Dawn, a Coordinator, before the third.
  • For DP073, Professor Oak's lecture is about Dawn's Ambipom. This makes her the first Pokémon character to be the focus of the lecture twice.

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