Darkness Ridge (Friend Area)

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Darkness Ridge くらやみとうげ
Darkness Ridge
Predominant type: Ghost
Capacity: 13
Method to obtain: Recruit Absol
Friend Area

Darkness Ridge (Japanese: くらやみとうげ Darkness Ridge) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It becomes available once the player has recruited Absol. It is in the Mountain Range area, and has the capacity of eleven Pokémon. The Pokémon here are predominately Ghost and Dark types, and most are recruitable in Darknight Relic.



Darkness Ridge is an area bordered by dark woods with mysterious glowing lights and many rocks.

In-game data

This mountainous area may be inhabited by mischievous Pokémon who can suddenly turn the area dark to cause trouble.


Pokémon Location
037 Vulpix Fiery Field (1F-4F)
038 Ninetales Evolve Vulpix
092 Gastly Buried Relic (9F-14F)
Darknight Relic (1F-6F)
093 Haunter Evolve Gastly
Buried Relic (82F-93F)
Darknight Relic (7F-11F)
094 Gengar Evolve Haunter
200 Misdreavus Darknight Relic (1F-15F)
215 Sneasel Buried Relic (1F-4F)
302 Sableye Darknight Relic (1F-15F)
353 Shuppet Sky Tower (1F-6F)
Wish Cave (81F-84F)
Murky Cave (10F-15F)
Darknight Relic (1F-5F)
Joyous Tower (70F-75F)
354 Banette Evolve Shuppet
355 Duskull Sky Tower (7F-15F)
Darknight Relic (11F-15F)
356 Dusclops Evolve Duskull
359 Absol Frosty Forest (End)
Northwind Field (28F-29F)
Western Cave (40F-49F)

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