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{{Japanese name}}
{{Japanese name}}
The '''Dark Science Deck''' (Japanese: '''ダークサイエンスデッキ''') is a [[Theme Deck]] from [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]] for the [[Game Boy Color]]. It mainly focuses on {{e|Grass}} Pokémon. It is not available from the [[Auto Deck Machine]].
The '''Dark Science Deck''' (Japanese: '''ダークサイエンスデッキ''') is a [[Theme Deck]] from [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]] for the [[Game Boy Color]]. It mainly focuses on {{e|Grass}} Pokémon. It is not available from the [[Auto Deck Machine]]. The only person who plays with this deck is {{FB|Club Master|Rick}}, the Club Master of the [[Science Club]].
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{{decklist/entry|25|{{TCG|Grass Energy}}|Energy|Grass|None}}
{{decklist/entry|25|{{TCG|Grass Energy}}|Energy|Grass|None}}
* The only person who plays with this deck is {{FB|Club Master|Rick}}, the Club Master of the [[Science Club]].
{{GB2 Decks}}
{{GB2 Decks}}
{{Project TCG notice}}
{{Project TCG notice}}

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.

The Dark Science Deck (Japanese: ダークサイエンスデッキ) is a Theme Deck from Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! for the Game Boy Color. It mainly focuses on Grass Pokémon. It is not available from the Auto Deck Machine. The only person who plays with this deck is Rick, the Club Master of the Science Club.


Quantity Card Type Rarity
Ekans Grass Common
Arbok Grass Rare
Zubat Grass Common
Grimer Grass Common
Koffing Grass Common
Weezing Grass Rare
Chansey Colorless Rare Holo
Super Potion T Uncommon
Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Gambler T Common
Defender T Uncommon
Bill T Common
Bill's Teleporter T Common
Master Ball T Rare
Lass T Rare
The Rocket's Trap T Rare Holo
25× Grass Energy Grass E

Required Coin: Auto Deck Machine 1 Decks
Chansey Coin (Start): Starter DeckElectric Fire DeckBattle Water DeckEsper Green Deck
Team Great Rocket Anti-Decks: Sweat! Anti-GR1 DeckGive In! Anti-GR2 DeckVengeful Anti-GR3 DeckUnforgiving Anti-GR4 Deck
GR Coin piece (Fighting Club): Awesome Fossils DeckNew Machoke DeckRock Festival DeckJab! Hook! Deck
Oddish Coin (Grass Club): Steady Increase DeckGathering Nidoran DeckNational Park DeckSelective Breeding Deck
Starmie Coin (Water Club): Splashing About DeckBeach DeckInsulation DeckAntarctic Deck
Charmander Coin (Fire Club): Flame Festival DeckElectric Current Shock DeckRisky Blaze DeckRaging Charizard Deck
Pikachu Coin (Lightning Club): Zapdos' Power Plant DeckElectric Shocks DeckOverflow DeckTriple Zapdos Deck
GR Coin piece (Psychic Club): Special Barrier DeckEvolution Prohibited DeckPhantom DeckPuppet Master Deck
Special Decks (Defeat King Biruritchi): Mew Lv15 DeckVenusaur Lv64 DeckMutual Destruction DeckEverybody Surf Deck
Auto Deck Machine 2 Decks
GR Grass Coin (GR Grass Fort): Bug Collecting DeckCave Exploration DeckOminous Meadow DeckAtrocious Weezing Deck
GR Lightning Coin (GR Lightning Fort): The Bench is Also a Surprise DeckEnergy Conservation DeckSonicBoom DeckRage of the Heavens Deck
GR Water Coin (GR Water Fort): Dark Water DeckQuick Freeze DeckWhirlpool Shower DeckWater Gang Deck
GR Fire Coin (GR Fire Fort): Fireball DeckComplete Combustion DeckOminous Spirit Flames DeckEternal Fire Deck
GR Fighting Coin (GR Fighting Fort): Beware the Trap! DeckOgre's Kick DeckRock Blast! DeckFull Strength Deck*
GR Psychic Coin (GR Psychic Stronghold): Slowbro's Fishing DeckDirect Hit DeckBad Dream DeckBench Panic! Deck
GR Colorless Coin (Colorless Altar): Snorlax Guard DeckEye of the Storm DeckSudden Growth DeckKing Dragonite Deck
Dark Special Decks (Defeat King Biruritchi's bodyguards): Evil Charizard! DeckEvil Blastoise! DeckEvil Venusaur! DeckEvil Dragonite! Deck
Mysterious Card Decks (Defeat King Biruritchi): Heavenly Lugia DeckMysterious Mewtwo DeckBrutal Trainers DeckDreadful Paralysis Deck
Rare Card Decks (Win Grand Master Cup
after King Biruritchi was defeated):
Perfect Health DeckSuper Soaker DeckHell's Demon DeckPremium Thunder Deck
Theme Decks not available in the Auto Deck Machines
Ronald's decks: Ronald's Uncool DeckRonald's GRX DeckRonald's Power DeckRonald's Psychic DeckRonald's Ultra Deck
GR Decks: GR-1 DeckGR-2 DeckGR-3 DeckGR-4 Deck
Other Decks of Club Members and Club Masters: MAX Energy DeckDark Science DeckGo Arcanine! DeckRain Dance Confusion DeckSky Spark DeckElectric Selfdestruct Deck
Handed Over GR DeckPsychic Elite DeckEven 3 Years on a Rock DeckRaging Billow of Fists DeckGlittering Scales DeckRemaining Green Deck
Poison Curse DeckNatural Science DeckPoisonous Swamp DeckImmortal Flame DeckConserving Water DeckEnergy Removal Deck
I Love Pikachu Deck10,000 Volts DeckPsychokinesis DeckGreat Earthquake DeckRolling Stone DeckI Love to Fight Deck
You Can Do It Machop! DeckSkilled Warrior Deck
Grand Masters' Decks: Grand Fire DeckLegendary Fossil DeckWater Legend DeckGreat Dragon Deck
Other Decks of Fort Members and Fort Leaders: Mad Petals DeckQuick Attack DeckGaze Upon the Power of Fire! DeckWater Stream DeckRunning Wild DeckSpirited Away Deck
Demonic Forest DeckSticky Poison Gas DeckChain Lightning by Pikachu DeckThis is the Power of Electricity DeckEevee Showdown Deck
Paralyzed! Paralyzed! DeckBench Call DeckSuperdestructive Power DeckPokémon Power Deck
Team GR Castle: Bad Guys DeckPoison Mist DeckPsychic Battle DeckUltra Removal DeckBurn Up! DeckSmash It! DeckStop Breath! DeckThrow Out! Deck
Ghost Masters' Decks: Everybody's Friend DeckImmortal Pokémon DeckTrainer Imprison DeckBlazing Flame DeckPoison Storm DeckBig Thunder Deck
Power of Darkness DeckDamage Chaos DeckTorrential Flood Deck
Other Decks: Aaron's Step 1 DeckAaron's Step 2 DeckAaron's Step 3 DeckBench Trap DeckBrick Walk DeckSam's Practice Deck
Practice DeckWeird DeckStrange DeckDangerous Bench DeckTest Your Luck DeckProtohistoric Deck
Texture Tuner 7 DeckColorless Energy DeckPowerful Pokémon DeckVery Rare Card Deck

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