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Dario (Japanese: ドリオ Dorio) is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime. His English voice actress is Maddie Blaustein.

In the anime

Dario's only appearance was in The Flame Pokémon-athon! He and his Dodrio wanted to beat Lara Laramie in a Pokémon race, at any cost. He hired Team Rocket to break her arm, thinking she wouldn't be able to enter. However, he didn't count on Ash entering the race for her and riding her Ponyta.

With the help of Team Rocket, Dario soon went into the lead. They were successfully able to knock out a Tauros, Nidorina, and an Electrode. They also nearly knocked out Ash and Lara's Ponyta.

It looked as though Dario was about to win the race, but out of nowhere, Ash emerged and caught up to him. Dario had his Dodrio peck Ponyta, but it only delayed the Pokémon temporarily. It evolved into Rapidash and defeated Dario by just a few centimeters.

Blaming Team Rocket for his loss, Dario tied them up and had his Dodrio Peck them.

In the manga

The same exact plot from EP033 happened in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, only this time, Dario hurt Lara without Team Rocket's help, and he hired a bunch of thugs and a herd of Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise to help him cheat in the race.


In the anime

This is a list of Dario's known Pokémon in the anime.

In the magna