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ダン Dan
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Auburn
Hometown Navel Island
Region Orange Islands
Trainer class Gym Leader
Leader of Navel Gym
Badge Sea Ruby Badge
Challenge Bobsled race
Anime debut Navel Maneuvers
English voice actor Jim Malone
Japanese voice actor Tamoten Matsumoto

Danny (Japanese: ダン Dan) is the Gym Leader of the Navel Island Gym. He hands out the Sea Ruby Badge to trainers who defeat him. His Japanese voice actor is 松本保典 Tamoten Matsumoto, and his English voice actor is Jim Malone.

He is the second Gym Leader Ash encounters in the Orange Archipelago. He appears to be in his mid-20s and enjoys water sports including sailing and windsurfing. He and Misty seem to develop a relationship in the anime episode Navel Maneuvers.

Danny doesn't simply battle Ash, however; instead, he challenges Ash to work with his Pokémon in order to win the Badge. Initially, Danny and Ash have to climb a mountain without the aid of any of their Pokémon. Then Ash and Danny each choose three Pokémon to build a bobsled (or toboggan) of sorts, and the final challenge is a bobsled race down the side of the mountain.


This is a listing of Danny's known Pokémon in the anime.

Danny's Nidoqueen
Danny's Nidoqueen knows Ice Beam. With that, she was able to quickly freeze the ice coming out of the geyser. Nidoqueen's strength was then used to help carve out the sled from the slab of ice.
Debut Navel Maneuvers!
Danny's Machoke
Danny's Machoke helps to carve the sled from the ice that Nidoqueen froze earlier, using its strong physical attacks.
Debut Navel Maneuvers!
Danny's Scyther
Scyther was the only one of Danny's Pokémon to be in both challenges. It first helped carve the ice into a sled using its scythes. It then used its scythes to help steer the sledge as it went down the mountain.
Debut Navel Maneuvers!
Danny's Electrode
Electrode was one of Danny's Pokémon that was used in the race down the mountain. Using its weight to help steer, it also uses its Explosion to help ward off Team Rocket.
Debut Navel Maneuvers!
Danny's Geodude
Geodude was also seen only during the race down the mountain. Using its weight to help steer the craft, Geodude also has a powerful throw which helps defend against Team Rocket.
Debut Navel Maneuvers!


  • Danny is the only regular Gym Leader of the Orange Crew not to have a family member revealed.

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